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David Monticalvo: Cultivating Creativity For Resiliency
22nd October 2020 • The Shek Check • The Shek Check
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How can you create and foster creativity in your life to strengthen your resiliency? 

In this episode of The Shek Check, Erez sits down with David Monticalvo to discuss discovering where creativity lives inside of each of us and how we can cultivate our creativity to build resiliency. 

David is a speaker and author who has gone through his own personal journey to re-awaken his creativity. He is here to discuss how to cultivate creativity and use it as an opportunity to become more resilient.

David believes that the Universe pushes us to where we are supposed to be through outside circumstances. He told himself he wasn’t creative, and being used to task-based jobs influenced this perception of himself. David credits the book ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron as starting him back on his path to creativity.

Do something that fosters creativity in your daily life. It can be as simple as visualizing how a plant will look in your room. No matter how small, see the value in the everyday creative. Don’t let the big ideas in the world intimidate you. Remind yourself through creativity that you are more than your present circumstance.

For those struggling to re-start their creativity, David offers some advice. Relax and adopt a mindset of play when creating. Remember what you were drawn to as a kid and adapt it to your life now. Did you enjoy playing with Legos? Try building something with your hands, no matter how small. Shift your perspective away from trivializing the small things and instead, see it as a form of self-care.

To end the episode, David urges you to remember that your creativity isn’t the same as others, and it doesn’t have to be! Do what promotes joy and look at every moment as an opportunity to change.

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