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RR 136: Dave Erb from Hire Frederick
22nd July 2016 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Dave Erb has been in the auto industry for over 30 years. His experience ranges from working in a parts store to every position on the automotive service side of things. Dave purchased his first failing shop in 1997. He sold his businesses and is now channeling his first love ‘marketer helping shop owners grow their sales through great strategies and technology.

Why Listen?
Dave provides a lot of information on how to get your website to stay on top of Google search, why mobile friendly is the most important feature you can have on your website. He also shares a great story about how to get the best Yelp reviews and how new customer acquisition strategy is all about getting the customer to feel you want them.

A repeat for all the right reasons.
This is Dave Erb’s second interview on the show. This is a completely different interview than his first episode 103. Dave’ first love is marketing. It is his passion. Having sold his service business, he is now working to help grow sales and drive new business to your door.

Manage your phone.
What is important He is very outspoken on recording outbound and inbound calls, he’ll give you a great analogy comparing the best steak dinner, from a Ruth Criss’s to your company, and what his favorite loyalty program is.

Hire Frederick, Dave’s new passion.
You’ll also get a glimpse inside his current passion with Hire Frederick that brings intelligent IT in growing your marketing prowess. He says declined work is a power of Frederick to bring it into the house as a sale. You’ll shares his strategy on intelligent maintenance reminders like none that exist in the aftermarket.

Legacy Episode.
Catch Dave’s original episode here. Dave’s first episode 103 give you his background as a service professional entrepreneur right up to selling his business. Here is a very short list of accomplishments over his tenure:

Two-time winner of the ASE / NAPA Tech of the year.

ATI Top 50 shop, Alumni and continued member of the 20 group master mind.

Served 2-year term on the NAPA Auto Care advisory board.

Previously served on the CCPN ( Car Care Professional Networks) Advisory board to the Auto Care Association.

Graduated Northwood Universities Leadership 2.0


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Learn more marketing tips and tricks for your auto repair shop?: Check out the Frederick  blog
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Former shop that Dave still does marketing for:
Blog: 3 Tips On How Auto Repair Shops Can Increase Business When Times Are Slow:

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