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Love In Your Life - Dolah Saleh EPISODE 81, 16th February 2021
Dreaming Ourselves Awake
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Dreaming Ourselves Awake

What is happening to us here? We have gone from unearthing the horrors of abuse against women to a global pandemic, mixed with highlights of prejudice against people who are different from us. We have been forced to separate, wear masks that hide our kind signals of acceptance (smiles), and socially stand away from one another. We must avoid expressions of warmth and love, such as hugs or kisses. We can not enjoy gatherings of any sort, to celebrate marital unions or the life of a loved one who passes from this world.

How many of us have actually stopped to think of the message being sent here? Who is sending the message? Is it some higher spirit to get our attention or is it simply ourselves to ourselves? The self-fulfilling prophetic nature of our experience is obvious. We attract the experiences to us that will further our own point of view (This is explained in Paul Levy's books and teachings). But our 'own point of view' is terribly flawed, obviously. If we created it, can we undo it? Can we dream ourselves awake?