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iCreateDaily Podcast - iCreateDaily Podcast 9th July 2019
Dr. Gordon Pedersen on Benefits of Silver
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Dr. Gordon Pedersen on Benefits of Silver

Health Benefits of Silver

One thing is certain: We need to create and maintain our health so that we can create more in the world. Our guest today, Dr. Gordon Pedersen, is a two-times bestselling author: and an entrepreneur and the world’s leading expert on silver medicines.

Gordon is a clinical doctor, board certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, with additional degrees in diverse and complementary medical disciplines, including a research Ph.D in toxicology and immunology.

In addition to all of that, Dr. Pedersen has a doctorate of naturopathic medicine, is the Director of the SilverHealthInstitute, And… Dr. Pedersen has published the cure for malaria following successfully treating and curing 900 patients in Ghana!!

We’re especially delighted to learn from today’s guest, who says:

“Given the proper tools, I believe your body can heal itself.”

Conversation Points:

  • Dr. Gordon Pedersen’s story
  • Family health struggles
  • Gordon’s education
  • How he got into silver as medicine
  • Malaria study in Ghana
  • Silver as a cure
  • Types of silver and their benefits
  • Why Gordon’s silver product is different
  • Acidic vs alkalinized silver
  • Essence of wellness
  • Gordon’s creator journey and his mentor
  • Candida and fibromyalgia
  • Gut cleansing diets with silver
  • Dr. Gordon’s health habits
  • Lifestyle habits for more creativity
  • Laughter’s effect on the immune system
  • Dr Gordon’s future visions
“Given the proper tools, I believe your body can heal itself.”
~Dr Gordon Pedersen, doctor, creator, author
“Being creative is the highest form of intelligence.”
~Dr. Jonas Salk, developed polio vaccine, 1914-1995



Dr Gordon Pedersen’s website (you can download a free book!)

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