The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 6
Metaphysics, Guides, & the Astral Plane—Oh My!
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Metaphysics, Guides, & the Astral Plane—Oh My!

What lies beyond the Earthly plane? Are there Angels and Guides who help us on our Earthly journey? In this episode, Deb and Carol have a fun and fascinating conversation with Dr. Lauren Cielo about these topics and more.

Dr. Cielo is a Clairvoyant, a Teacher, an Author, co-host of the podcast Metaphysical Q&A and founder of Golden Rose Psychic Services. Formally an Engineer in Corporate America, Dr. Cielo discusses the serendipitous moment that caused him to take the leap into the world of metaphysics and ultimately find his passion.

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