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Falling Up Radio - Falling UP Radio EPISODE 39, 18th January 2019
Jessica Gardner ~ Jessica’s life was slipping away
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Jessica Gardner ~ Jessica’s life was slipping away

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Jessica's life was slipping away....

By 16 years old Jessica's body was attacking itself. Since 12 she had been on multiple medications for an auto immune disease - and at 16 she had 5 tumors removed from her neck from thyroid cancer. With only 1/4 of her thyroid left she was also put on synthroid.

On top of all that her Rheumatoid Arthritis was flaring up and by 19 her fingers were beginning to "claw up" and her feet were quickly following.

Jessica barely walked into her first yoga class. After just two breathes in class, she was on the floor. Though that didn't stop her. She came back every week and did what ever she could. In six months she was off synthroid and in a year she was a new woman.

Now many years later as a sought after yoga teacher, Jessica helps others find their journey of transformation and healing.

Listen to this podcast as Jessica describes her journey of crushing her fears, healing her body and having a new life.


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Jessica's Links & Resources

Website: Voorhees Yoga Center https://www.voorheeshotyogacenter.com/

Jessica Gardner https://www.jessiegyoga.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/voorheeshotyogacenter/