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#85. Complete Transformation in Addiction Recovery
Episode 8526th September 2023 • Our Urban Voices • Dr. Alfonse Javed
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Alex Willis is the Intake Coordinator for Brooklyn Teen Challenge. His main objective is to introduce broken people to Jesus, get them enrolled into the Brooklyn Teen Challenge program, and help them cultivate a life free from addiction.

Brooklyn Teen Challenge


  • A typical day in the program
  • 3 phase approach to recovery
  • Transition back to society


Alex Willis was born and raised in a small town called Shell Lake, WI and served in the United States Marine Corps from 2009 to 2011. He is a full-time student at Regent University, attaining his bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry and Pastoral Care. He serves on staff at Brooklyn Adult and Teen Challenge, the flagship program that began in 1958 by Pastor David Wilkerson, and is also a graduate of the program.



03:23 - Mission and Vision of Teen Challenge

03:57 - Healthy Spiritually leads to Healthy Physically

04:02 - Pastor David Wikerson convicted to speak to boys on trial in NYC for murder

04:21 - Wilkerson stayed in NYC meets gang leader, Mickey Cruz

04:51 - Mickey Cruz convicted and gave his heart to the Lord

04:58 - 250 Teen Challenges centers in the US

05:00 - 1400 Teen Challenge centers worldwide

05:15 - Pastor Wilkerson also the founding pastor of Times Square Church

05:47 - Process of the Teen Challenge Program

05:54 - Duration: 1 year live-in program

06:17 - Phase 1 of 3 (6 months): Basic introduction to scripture and Christianity

06:43 - Brooklyn Teen Challenge caters to adults

06:59 - Phase 2 of 3 (3 months): Learning hermeneutics and how to read scripture

07:07 - Teen Challenge is a Discipleship program

07:13 - Learn skills in the workplace & Work therapy at the center

08:08 - Phase 3 of 3 (3 months): Develop next steps to transition back into society

08:44 - Some may have a calling to serve at Teen Challenge

08:53 - Internship program

09:17 - Criteria for the internship program

09:34 - Plan for success at the 12-month mark

09:47 - Pastor Winston Trumpet helps formulate exit plan

10:06 - A typical day in the program

14:22 - Steps to take after completion of the program

16:18 - Alex's personal testimony of Teen Challenge

19:28 - Sent to the Brooklyn school of ministry

25:44 - Teen Challenge outreach opportunities

28:09 - How can my church come alongside Teen Challenge?

30:55 - Success rate of Teen Challenge upon completion

32:23 - Alex Willis' contact information (917-982-8448,


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