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Friday, November 20, 2020
20th November 2020 • The Julien Dionne Show with Jen Grant • Lemon-press Productions
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🎬Back HOME in WAKEFIELD!! We are LIVE🔴 on a Friday morning☕️☀️ from Lemon-Press Studios in the beautiful Gatineau Hills! TODAY, we kick off the rust the equipment and talk about hour 12-hour drive back from the #AtlanticBubble, YouTuber scams his way onto a food delivery site with microwaved meals, Matthew McConaughey’s fame-obsessed mom, The Daily Dose with Jen Grant, your comment & more!

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“Mike Plume Month” #mpm continues with a pre-show MIKE PLUME double-header:

Song: Younger Than We Are Today

Album: Lonesome Stretch of Highway


Song: More Than a Game

Album: 8:30 Newfoundland


This Episode is brought to you by, Gringos Blazing Sauces🌶


Dip Ta Clam™️🦪





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