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Ep 55 | David Kurz
Episode 5513th February 2021 • The Peak Results Academy Podcast • Rich Fournier
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Top Producer, Coach and Author, David Kurz, sits down (virtually) with Rich to share his thoughts on why purpose is so important to igniting your drive and why it isn’t a ‘set it and forget it’ part of your business plan. He walks through his method of defining your purpose as well as offers tactical real estate tips like his A-Z exercise that you can do today to grow your business. David discusses the value of coaching and mentorship and how success is a mind game that requires you to readjust your mindset to win. 


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Show Notes

[02:32] About David

[10:03] The value purpose plays in your drive and why it isn’t ‘set it and forget it’

[13:54] David’s method for refining his purpose using an organizational chart

[18:50] 5 musts for a real estate agent to achieve their version of success

[23:08] Defining money making activities and the A-Z exercise you can do today

[26:58] The gap people fall in that keeps them from doing what is necessary 

[28:26] Fear of rejection and the benefit of habits as a means for overcoming it

[35:32] Sage advice for a new agent

[38:51] Success as a head game and why mentors and coaches are so important

[43:08] The business book that David is digging right now

[44:02] How to get in touch with David

Contact David

Phone: 786-529-5273



Instagram: @davidadamkurz

About David

David Adam Kurz is a successful real estate professional out of Southeast Florida, boasting impressive sales with his teams and brokerages of over $500 million over more than a decade. Beyond real estate sales, David has coached hundreds of agents in the real estate industry and hosts an annual real estate and business conference. Additionally, David has authored two books.