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IAIN MAITLAND - My Sons Battle With Anorexia And His Journey Back To Life.
17th February 2023 • Guild of Dads: The Home of Dadprovement • Joe Horton
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On todays episode I am delighted to be joined by Novelist, Writer and mental health campaigner Iain Maitland to talk about his book Dear Michael Love Dad which is a memoir about his son's battle with mental health and anorexia.

When most of us think of anorexia it's not always in relation to young men but figures suggest that that as many as 25% of cases are in the male population.

We delve into:

  • How it took a long time for Michael to realise he was suffering from mental health issues as opposed to the normal ups and downs of life.
  • The challenge for parents of navigating how to deal with the situation whilst not making the situation worse in any way.
  • The struggle to get help from the NHS and how guardian angels come to the rescue at the most unexpected times.
  • How Michael reached a turning point and the realisation parents must come to that it's on them to be part of the solution rather than relying on others to come to the rescue.

You can check out Iain here:

You can also check the teenage mental health charity we mentioned here: