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Fall in Love with the Process – Coffee Break
Episode 411th February 2020 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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Our goal is to make iCreateDaily a daily podcast. We've fallen short of that goal thus far, but the lesson is that all too often things take longer than anticipated. So... best to fall in love with the process as much or more than the destination, for that's where we'll spend most of our time after all.

Not only did we fall short, but we even needed to take a break from publishing new episodes while evaluating our direction and foci before diving back in. Our new episodes should begin to air this spring. At that time, we'll expand our show types according to our goals of creating a podcast network all round the "iDaily" theme.

Today's re-share is one of our earliest Coffee Break sessions which is an in-house conversation as opposed to an interview. We love coffee and discussing interesting and uplifting topics, something that occurs often around our home and work, so that seemed like an apt name for these “inbetweenisodes” as Tim Ferriss calls them.

In this episode of iCreateDaily’s Coffee Break, Devani and LeAura discuss a quote by Jim Rohn:

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse." ~Jim Rohn,

Devani is on a roll in this conversation and came up with a few of her own great quotables:

You fall in love with the process and that’s what makes you become good. ~Devani Alderson,®
We all want the recognition we all want the significance of being important. But you’ve got the significance of being important by doing the things that are important to you. ~Devani Alderson,®

Concepts Discussed:

How to identify if the thing we’re doing is our soul work or just a romanticized notion of something.

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Full Episode Transcription:

[00:00:01] Devani: Hello everybody! Welcome to the iCreateDaily podcast I’m Devani

[00:00:06] LeAura: and I’m LeAura.

And today we’re doing one of the iCreateDaily quote segments where Devani and I share a quote that has meaning empower us and share it with you and discuss it a little bit hopefully to inspire you to create something today. So our quote today is by one of out favorite, well-known motivational icons of all time, Jim Rhone. And the quote is: “If you really want to do something you’ll find a way. If you don’t you’ll find an excuse.”

[00:00:39] Devani: So if you don’t know us or haven’t been tuning into podcasts I like fiction writing all of us in our family of entrepreneurs like to do some sort of writing of some kind. Some of it’s nonfiction some of it’s fiction and I enjoy fiction writing.

[00:00:57] And the reason I got into enjoying story and sharing my own stories was when I was younger I loved reading and I think a lot of us who are writers get into it because we love reading. And if you’re not a writer or if you are a different kind of creator you probably got into it because you are inspired by somebody else who did it or you trying to find something to fill some time with, and you fell in love with a craft of doing something.

[00:01:32] Now if you’re the first type of person where you were inspired by other people who did the thing. So for me I write, then sometimes we have this perception of people that we look up to and it’s like for me it was Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis, all that classic cool people that we loved to read. And I just thought their lives must be perfect. You know they could sit at a cafe they could write to their hearts content and.

[00:02:01] Out came these amazing stories that we would read and soak up and I was like that seemed like a really sweet life and probably 14 [14:15] around the age and so definitely an age where you’re just sort of like you have a less realistic view of the world and you think I can do that too. I can just go to some random cool cute looking cafe I can sit there like so perfect and just picture like that perfect Instagram model or you know a Shutterstock woman sitting there looking off to the way they have the idea and they’re like wow I want it – I want to do that.

[00:02:42] But then you start and you sit in front of the blank page you sit in front of the blank screen the blank canvas the blank whatever is going to be like first and your keyboard you and your keyboard you and your net and you’re in your painting and you’re sitting there and it’s just sort of like I’m in my home office and it’s really not like super glorious It’s very confusing. You have lots of ideas. You sit at the blank screen and sometimes it’s just like. So all those fantastic ideas I had a few minutes ago because I was going to be the great next amazing globally bestselling author. Just finished gone and you’re just sitting there and what you realize is your left with the realization that you have to show up for a process and it’s no different than any other job.

Creativity is work and is very hard work because you’re pulling something out of your mind and you’re putting it into whatever medium that you put it into. So for me I like words and I’ve had that similar experience with many different activities right. I like photography. I like dabbling in painting now and then. It’s not something that I want to spend my life doing. I would like to write novels. That is something that I enjoy and I’ve come to realize that you fall in love with the process and that’s what makes you become good. Tolkien, Rowling, C.S. Lewis they had a process and their process was I show up every day and I write the words and it can suck.

[00:04:35] It can be amazing but I will write those words and the work that comes out of that is what we see, right, we see the end result, we see the perfection that it is. Or you know whatever it is and I think a lot of us don’t always realize, or maybe we don’t want to face or maybe we know that we’re romanticizing something, but we don’t necessarily want to address that. And I think to become successful and to really master whatever you’re trying to do creatively you have to address the areas that you are romanticizing. So for me I also I love photography and I love it as a hobby.

[00:05:25] I don’t want to be the person who shows up every day and perfects photography as a craft. I don’t have an interest in doing that. It takes a lot of work and frankly I don’t want to spend my life becoming a master photographer but I love it.

[00:05:38] LeAura: It’s a fun hobby and it’s not to clarify that it’s not that because you work a lot. But if it’s not the work you want to do full time. 

[00:05:42] You know it’s like if I could choose what to do with my day it would not be perfect in my photography. I enjoy doing it. I think now and then I have a good eye and I’ll see something I’m like that’s the perfect photo and that’s cool and you know I’ll post it maybe I’ll save it for you know keepsake and that’s fun. But I’ve recognized you know for a long time I would romanticize being labeled a certain way. So was like I’m a photographer or I’m an aspiring photographer and I know one of one of my favorite authors and a friend and somebody I look up to Jeff Goins he talks a lot about the difference between doing and labeling yourself as aspiring to do something.

[00:06:28] There’s this thing where there is a point where you should aspire to be something, but at the same time you shouldn’t use “I’m aspiring to do something…” to delay the doing of that thing. And I think for a long time there were a lot of things that I did were aspiring aspiring that and really it was just like you enjoyed this as a hobby and you have to face that you know. Do you have examples like going on with other examples.

[00:06:58] LeAura: Yeah. Oh shoot I just lost my thought. That happens too. Yeah that happens yeah because I had a lot of thought. So if you were to reiterate the quote by Jim Rhone: “If you really want to do something you will find a way if you don’t you will find an excuse.” And we all know the truth in that because anything that’s really important to us we do find a way to do it. And the thing is is that we become our excuses we become our habits.

[00:07:26] I remember what I was going to say, I think that a lot of times where it is sometimes the chasm between getting to the other side of being serious about it versus the romanticized notion is that it’s very hard to visualize what life is like on the other side.

[00:07:48] It can be very hard and even feel very pretentious for us to assume that we could be reached the status of the authors that we admire or, the movie producers or the painters that we admire or, whatever. And so but as you mentioned in a previous like the previous session we all know that none of them arrived there quickly overnight and got that way the first time we saw them at what was behind that was many many many long hard hours of creating daily, showing up and doing the work. So we just have to get back to the romanticized notion of so yes if we’re romanticizing it but we’re not willing to do the work that maybe it isn’t. Like with your photography something you enjoy something you probably do all your life but not something you’re going to take into a serious profession other than to use it for own blogs and websites. You do but not to sell to others to make a living from it. So it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. But what you recognize is you’re not serious enough about that to put in the blood sweat and tears. That kind of bass of the thing but with writing say you’ve recognized and you’ve addressed your romanticized notion you know of the image of the writer’s life.

[00:09:06] Devani: And I always go back to the ShutterStock images and maybe you’ve seen them all. We’ll stick a few down for sak. And I always laugh whenever I feel like that’s not what it looks like. And it would be like this lady with like great perfect hair and she’d just sitting there with like a pencil stuck in her ear and she’s like wistfully looking up the distance like literally like I’m looking at the idea out there and it’s on the rise and it’s on the tip of my tongue and it will be spun into gold on the typewriter…

[00:09:40] And when you start creating you know that that’s not realistic except at the same time you kind of wish it was because it was like oh my god why is it so easy for that person you know and now or never is that easy. And I think that the quicker you get out of the quicker you recognize that your romances. And that’s it’s fine to romanticize something. I think that’s what sparks your curiosity about it.

[00:10:06] LeAura: And I said yeah to envision you’ve got to envision a better possibility. So the thing through my romanticized notion is though once you’re on the other side of the success of it some of it is that romantic venue. Some of it is the audiences that invite you to speak because you the published and highly successful author. Some of it is that you easily get the next book deal or easily get the next many sales of your book because you’ve built an audience and you’ve built a reputation with success. And things do actually get easier. But even then you know the writers still get back to between them and their keep or it’s between them and the blank screen. And it’s always then just a battle of finding the way to do the things that matter to us. So you said earlier and it’s another good quote you fall in love with the process and that’s what makes you become good. So that’s what’s important. What you were describing the romanticized notion is often the end vision of what that famous persons life were that successful persons life must be like. And that’s good to hold into our vision boards so to speak to aspire to our version of what that will look like whether we’re traveling the world or speaking or how a stack of novels with our name on it or painting is …

[00:11:35]Devani: to have a clear vision of what you’re trying to get to in terms of like when you write a novel for instance you have to have that clear vision of where I’m taking the story. And so with your own life you have to be like where am I taking the story of my life. What is the end destination of this. And then you work your way backward and say how do I get to that. Yeah. And so you know that image is a good one to keep for reminding yourself and coming back to this is what I show up for. This is why I’m waking up in the morning this is why I’m staying up late at night. This is why I’m doing this. You know it’s because at the end of my life I’m going to look back and I’m going to think wow you know look how far this has come and look how much I’ve created and look how much and even if you don’t put it out into the world say that you’re just you want to show up every day and create something whether or not the world sees it or not because that’s the thing you’ll be doing if the world saw it or not and yes we all want the recognition we all want the significance of being important. But you’ve got the significance of being important by doing the things that are important to you. And so that is how you that’s how you get there. Wherever there is for you yeah that’s great.

[00:12:44] LeAura: So yeah my example of personal example would be dancing. I’ve always loved dancing and when I was growing up in Hawaii there were the only dancing was Hawaiian which was fantastically beautiful but not being Hawaiian. I mean I just always like Loved seeing the beautiful brown Hawaiian women with gorgeous hair like yours doing it instead. You know and so I didn’t take up dancing. And then there really weren’t the other kind of modern dancing opportunities like there are today. So Yet if I think about it you know would I have practiced. So one of the ways I kind of know about whether it was just an interest and romanticized notion or just something really serious and that’s what sets us apart. The ones who are destined to make a profession and to make it their art and that is if they would be doing it no matter what like you were saying with even if it never got published would you be doing it no matter what. And yes. So if you’re if that if you’re not into that then it could just be that it’s a romanticized idea or it could be that you have it immersed in it enough to become obsessed with it yet you doesn’t think about it and think of it as swimming in a sea of creativity and when we’re swimming then we get into the flow of something. So and once we’re in the flow swimming then we get swept away in the beauty and the immersion of that. And so again if you really want to do something you’ll find a way if you don’t you’ll find an excuse.

[00:14:12] Jim Rohn let us know your thoughts. What do you really enjoy doing. Are there anything have you noticed anything in life that maybe you thought was this amazing thing to do and then you got into it and you realize well it takes quite a bit of work and effort here and again it’s not about not liking work or effort it’s about you have. And I don’t like to say we have really short lives. But the reality is that in the scheme of the universe we’re here for a short time and so what are you going to put your energy into. And are you currently doing something you love to do.

[00:14:48] Yeah. And if you’re not sure. Because the thing is is that as we are on the journey we find new path of opportunity and then we might pursue things. And each one needs us to the next. So if you’re not sure you know if what you’re doing is going to be your ultimate passion but there’s not a big other lure pulling you toward that horizon then go ahead and dive in and immerse. Like we talked about in the previous quote podcast immersed in whatever it is that you think your art is to be in the world. And that will begin to lead you to the nuts and the next open door of opportunity.

[00:15:23] All right guys. Bye bye.