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Turning Heavy Love Challenges into Gold with Marie-Elizabeth Mali
Episode 412th October 2022 • Navigating Love and Immigration™ • Megan Pastrana
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The immigration process is an intense and challenging journey, to say the least, and it’s especially hard on couples trying to navigate love and immigration. So how do you cope with this process without burdening your relationship? In this week’s episode, Megan welcomes Marie-Elizabeth Mali, who is a relationship transformation expert and the CEO and founder of Relationship Alchemy. Marie-Elizabeth helps couples overcome those heavy challenges of love and turn them into gold. 

Megan and Marie-Elizabeth start off the episode by talking about when is the right time to turn to a relationship expert. As Marie-Elizabeth points out, whether you have relationship problems or you just want to make your bond even stronger, it’s totally up to you to decide when you want to seek professional counseling. If you’re going through immigration together, you might face some problems in your communication or intimacy along the way, so Marie-Elizabeth shares some practical tips for handling these complex situations. The key is to get to know each other deeply and understand each other’s perspectives. Then, learn how to deal with conflict together and practice what you preach. That’s how you’ll get better at dealing with the inevitable challenges of life, immigration being one of them, and you’ll be stronger than ever. 

Marie-Elizabeth is offering a free gift to anyone listening to this episode! You can claim Three Secrets To Having More Love & Connection in Your Relationships PLUS a Bonus Meditation by clicking here.

Episode Highlights:

  • When’s the right time to consult a relationship expert?
  • Deepening intimacy in new ways
  • Different stress styles
  • You and your partner against the problem
  • Remembering that you’re on the same team
  • Practice makes perfect


“There's ways that you can use the time where you're physically apart that will still build more intimacy between you for when you come back together, and then you'll already be connected, and there won't be as much kind of a gear change to then be together.”

“I mentioned you're not judging your partner for their stress style. Don't judge yourself for your stress style. We all have these nervous systems that were built, when we were little, by our circumstances and our family of origin.”

“What happens is you start to turn on each other instead of both looking at the stressful thing together as a team.”

“Even when you disagree, you can still be on a team, you can still be on the same team, even if you disagree about how to proceed.”

“You really just have to be willing to assume that this person is on your team until you actually believe it.”


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