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GH05T in the Machine: Adam Biddle's Approach to Social Media Mastery
Episode 3114th June 2024 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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EP 311 - Adam is CEO of GH05T, a social media agency operating with no marketing, no social media and no web presence.

GH05T works with global brands, entertainment properties, High Net Worth individuals and celebrities making over 750 pieces of content a month and reaching over 50 million people.

We discuss GH05T's origin, operational philosophy, and its evolution from managing celebrity accounts to strategising for brands, sports events, and C-suite executives.

Adam shares insights into the complexities and pitfalls of social media expertise, the industry's evolution, and the importance of honing one's strengths. He also explains why self-proclaimed (but far from) social media experts qualify for the big bin of BS

Spotify Video Chapters:

00:00 BWB with Adam Biddle

00:34 Adam Background and GH05T's Origins

02:35 Evolution of Social Media and GH05T's Role

03:57 Challenges and Changes in Social Media

05:50 The Shift from Celebrities to Brands

08:16 Understanding Social Media Expertise

10:40 Adam's Journey and Dyslexia

23:34 The Role of a CEO and Client Strategy

35:14 The Future of Social Media

41:27 Social Media's Impact on Youth

42:15 The Age Factor in Social Media

42:56 The Dangers and Addiction of Social Media

45:25 Managing Young Employees

46:54 Biggest Professional Mistakes

49:07 Best and Worst Advice

54:50 Quickfire Round - Getting To Know Adam

01:06:15 Business or Bullshit: The Game

Adam's recommendations:

Zucked - Roger McNamee (book)

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Steven R Covey (book)

The Rest is Politics (podcast)

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