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Spiritual Sunday Spotlight! Ghost, Goblins and UFO’s; Stranger Bridgerland
Episode 20614th August 2022 • One More Thing Before You Go • Michael R Herst
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In this episode of One More Thing Before You Go mid-1880s farmhouse, strange experiences, phantom knocks, missing objects, ghost, monsters, the matrix, UFOs and more in this Spiritual Sunday Spotlight where we showcase of one of my favorite conversations from the past. In this Spotlight I have with me John Olsen a paranormal investigative author who shares his favorite paranormal and the supernatural stories that he has experienced and written. I'm your host Michael Herst and this is One More Thing Before You Go!

My guest in this episode is John Olson, who fueled by his own experiences with the unknown, has spent the last 25 years interviewing and documenting first-hand accounts of those who have witnessed all kinds of strange and unusual phenomena in the western United States. At the age of 8, he began to realize that the home he lived in was peculiar. His parents still own the old farmhouse, built in the mid-1880s. Strange experiences such as phantom knocks, loud boots running the stairs, and missing objects became commonplace for him as he grew up. With each run-in with what he called the “man in the hat,” John’s interest in the paranormal grew. His parents forbade him from telling anyone of his experiences for fear of what others in the small community would think. John turned his passion for the paranormal and Supernatural into The Stranger Bridgerland series, which contains firsthand accounts of ghosts, monsters, hauntings, glitches in the matrix, Sasquatch, and UFOs, and we are going to have a peek inside the world of these extraordinary experiences …..welcome to the show Find out more aboutJohn and How to get his books at visit our store at htps://

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