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Back in Black
Episode 39th November 2021 • Revengers: Friends From Work • Hopewell Valley Student Publication Network
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Hopewell Valley Student Podcasting Network 

Show Name: Revengers: Friends from Work

Episode 3: Back in Black

Tweet to be shared on the network’s twitter handle: Check out the latest episode of #revengersfriendsfromwork the podcast on We match up the Sopranos with the Dexter Reboot to let you know which to watch.

You are listening to Revengers: Friends from Work, the podcast with your host(s) Christina Zelin.

In this episode of Revengers: Friends from Work the Podcast, we discuss: Why I think Marvel is better than DC. I’ll talk about what both franchises do well and some things that they don’t.

Segment 1: Marvel vs DC

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Song Title: Never you mind

Artist: Dan Lebowitz

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  • Artist: Spence
  • Song Title: A trip around the moon
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