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396 – “Doggedly” Pursuing Preservation of Purebred Dogs
28th May 2020 • Pure Dog Talk • Laura Reeves
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“Doggedly” Pursuing Preservation of Purebred Dogs

Host Laura Reeves and Denise Flaim, author of “Doggedly: Musings on the Breeding, Judging and P

[caption id="attachment_8173" align="alignleft" width="242"] Author, Editor, Breeder, Judge Denise Flaim.[/caption]

reservation of Purebred Dogs,” cover a lot of ground in their own musings on these topics.

What do respect, breed standards, judging, cooking, jazz music, period furniture, museums have in common? Listen in to this wide-ranging and challenging discussion.

“It's a real kind of buffet of ideas about dogs,” Flaim said. “A lot of times we talk about individual dogs and a lot of times we talk about very specific surface things but not as often as I would like do we talk about the ideas and the thoughts behind them.

The thing I really am most proud about this book is, if you're somebody who really is into dogs in more than a surface way, Pat Trotter said that she read it, she's up all night. So I think of it as the book that keeps Pat Trotter awake at night.”

"Doggedly" is available at Use the code PUREDOGTALK for $5 off on on any book.




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