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The Integrative Veterinarian - College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies EPISODE 22, 12th September 2020
Dr. Michelle Tilghman
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Dr. Michelle Tilghman

Dr. Michelle Tilghman was raised riding horses and showing dogs in Florida. She got her DVM from the University of Georgia in 1982 and was certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1984. She did two years in a small animal practice in Dallas Texas afterwards, where she mentored with an experienced veterinary acupuncturist. Afterwards she moved home to Georgia and established her own integrative small animal practice. 

She was certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine by IVAS soon afterwards. Dr. Tilghman was certified in rehabilitation by the University of Tennessee in 2004. She has served as President of the AHVMA, on the Board of the AAVA, and as the Education Chair for IVAS. She was one of the founders of the AAVA as well. In 2017 she was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the AAVA. 

Dr. Tilghman has lectured nationally and internationally for decades. She has held an Adjunct position at the Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and was a contributor to the 2nd Edition of Schoen's Veterinary Acupuncture text. 

Please enjoy this conversation as Dr. Tilghman and I discuss her upbringing in Florida, her veterinary school experience, learning acupuncture soon after it was introduced into veterinary medicine in the United States, starting her own practice as a new graduate, teaching, being involved in organized veterinary medicine, and maintaining life balance.