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ChatGPT and Listing Optimization on Amazon
Episode 1193rd May 2023 • The Ad Project • Ad Advance
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This week’s episode of The Ad Project is all about AI (specifically ChatGPT) and why it’s changing the game of selling on Amazon.  


Joe and Jon Tilley of ZonGuru explore how AI is changing the way we approach tasks in the workplace and why it’s catching so many people’s attention - even though it has been around for years.  

More specifically, Joe and Jon discuss optimized Amazon product listings powered by ChatGPT and how utilizing this technology can increase click-through rates. Jon also shares his insights on the various other fields where AI technology is being utilized and how it has become more accessible to the public. 

Jon also does a quick overview of ZonGuru’s industry-leading keyword tool called Keywords on Fire, which focuses on keyword relevancy. 

Key Discussions:  

  • The impact of AI technology in Amazon advertising. 
  • The accessibility of AI to the general public. 
  • The benefits and potential risks of AI. 
  • The criticality of click-through rate and conversion in optimizing Amazon listings. 
  • The importance of using relevant and specific keywords in listing optimization. 

A little more background on Jon Tilley and ZonGuru: 

Zonguru is a technology toolset that helps e-commerce brands and agencies scale on Amazon through data intelligence and automation. 

Jon launched ZonGuru in 2016 with the goal of creating operational tools that solve Amazon Seller challenges, driving the most significant impact on scaling revenue and profits. 

Before starting Zonguru, Jon worked for 15 years as an Advertising Strategist for prominent digital agencies in Johannesburg, London, and Los Angeles. In 2014, he launched several successful private label brands on Amazon, which eventually led him to create Zonguru. 

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