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Finding Your Mission as an Entrepreneur Following a Lay Off Featuring Joel Salomon
Episode 2417th January 2020 • Going Solo • Smashing the Plateau
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Joel Salomon is a prosperity coach who helps others overcome obstacles standing in the way of their financial freedom. 

We discuss:

  • Why it takes being laid off to get you to live your dream [2:08]
  • When you believe everything happens for a reason [4:11]
  • An early morning epiphany that makes you shut down your business [6:48]
  • Building a second business upon the lessons learned while building the first one [11:02]
  • Money flow when your passion level is up [15:35]
  • Appropriate pricing for coaching professionals [16:57]
  • Shifting limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs [19:09]

In 2019, Joel published The 9 Money Rules Millionaires Use: Only The Unconventional Ones which was a bestseller in both self-help and personal finance. In 2018, he published Mindful Money Management: Memoirs of a Hedge Fund Manager, which immediately became a bestseller. Joel was laid off from Citi in 2012 which gave him the kick in the butt to live his dream and start his own hedge fund.

Learn more about Joel at http://www.saLaurMor.comLinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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A free 30-minute coaching session and a free copy of The 9 Money Rules Millionaires Use: Only The Unconventional Ones

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