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In The Hilla - Ahmed Ismail EPISODE 22, 11th November 2020
#22 Carlo Cruz | Data, Education, Politics, & Venture Capital
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#22 Carlo Cruz | Data, Education, Politics, & Venture Capital

Carlo Cruz is a portfolio engagement manager at Toyota AI Ventures, responsible for supporting startups and assisting with the development of programs that add value to the TAIV portfolio. Prior to joining Toyota AI Ventures, Carlo led the Future Factory team at Toyota Motor North America’s (TMNA) TILT Lab, an internal makerspace that identifies key strategic problems and evaluates emerging technologies in manufacturing.

He originally joined TMNA production engineering in 2012 as a paint shop engineer working across various manufacturing centers. Carlo’s responsibilities included construction project management and multiple collaborations with early-stage startups and large enterprises to advance the development of future factories. Carlo received a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and an MBA from the University of Cincinnati, where he was also a Darwin T. Turner diversity scholar.

If you'd like to connect with Carlo, feel free to reach out via LinkedIn:


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