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Ep43 ISE Season Finalé Anniversary Show with 5 Listeners
Episode 439th June 2020 • Inside: Sales Enablement • Scott Santucci, Brian Lambert, Erich Starrett
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Welcome to the Inside: Sales Enablement Podcast Episode 43.

Let's Celebrate!

Join 5 Sales Enablement Insiders and to talk through the past 12 months. In the last 12 months, 14,600 listens from 46 countries. instead of going back and reviewing all our shows again and creating some sort of review, we crowd sourced it. And you're invited to the party!

Hear their top episodes, and how they action the podcast in their organization. Also, get the "inside scoop" on what we did behind the scenes!

Here are some other stats from the podcast thus far:

  • Listeners from 46 Countries. 
  • USA represents 72% of listens
  • When people listen: Mon – Thurs around 1pm
  • Monday is our biggest listening day

Joining us to celebrate on the Anniversary Show:

  • Erich Starrett, CRO / Director of Business Development @ETA and President of the Atlanta SE Society
  • Sarah Fricke Senior Manager, Global Sales Enablement @ RingCentral
  • Meagan Davis, Sales Enablement Manager at CyberArk
  • Amy Benoit , Founder and Chief Consultant at AllPropos specializing in organizational design and strategy consulting
  • Bill Ball, Director of Learning and Development at Disys and SE Society Exec Board Member

To view the research method, visit

Join us at to collaborate with peers, join Insider Nation, participate in the conversation and be part of the continued elevation of the profession.


Intro 00:06  

Welcome to the inside sales enablement podcast. Where has the profession been? Where is it now? And where is it heading? What does it mean to your company? other functions, the market? Find out here. Join the founding father of the sales enablement profession Scott Santucci and Trailblazer Brian Lambert, as they take you behind the scenes of the birth of an industry, the inside sales enablement podcast starts now.

Brian Lambert 00:38  

I'm Scott Santucci, Brian Lambert, and we are the sales enablement insiders.

Scott Santucci 00:44  

Our podcast is for sales enablement, leaders looking to elevate their function, expand their sphere of influence and increase the span of control within their companies. Together, Brian and I have worked on over 100 different kinds of sales enablement, initiatives, as analysts, consultants, or practitioners, we've learned the hard way, what works? And maybe what's more important, what doesn't.

Brian Lambert 01:10  

Welcome to our first anniversary show. It's the Year in Review everybody.

Unknown Speaker 01:15  


Brian Lambert 01:19  

So thanks for joining us. And I wanted to start the show by saying thank you so much insider nation for being listeners of our show. We started this exactly a year ago, this week, when this episode drops, it will be one year, and it's been quite a ride. We started out like trying to figure out how many of these we could do. So I've listened to this show a lot. And I said, Okay, well, Scott, how do we do an anniversary episode. And I wanted to really take it through here and say, I can go back and listen to everything or crowdsource it. So I am going to crowdsource it, you guys heard a little bit of an audience a little bit of a crowd. And I'm excited to introduce these folks that have joined us, for our insider nation. And it's our open mic podcast. And we're going to have them chime in. So I know you guys like stats, and I know Scott love stats. So let me let me give you the download here on what's been downloaded. I think you're gonna appreciate it in the last 12 months, we've had 14,600 listens of our podcast, people from 46 countries, the 770 2% of that come from the US. That's about 1200 a month.

Also, interestingly enough, Monday through Thursday, around 1pm, or our peak hours. So I don't know if folks are out taking a walk at that time, or maybe working out around that time, or what but that was interesting. Also, Monday is our biggest listening day. We appreciate you guys starting the week off with a little dose of of Scott and Brian, that's cool. Apple podcasts 40% of our listens. And that means a lot of you folks are on mobile 60% are on mobile and iOS is the biggest operating system, the largest operating system. 60% of folks are on iOS devices. In the past year, we feel the two surveys. One was on the COVID response that that gave it gave us actually five episodes, we're trying to do one, but it kept just yielding great information and in detail. The second survey and research project was on the state of sales enablement, that groundbreaking research really set the tone here for coming out of COVID. And it's really the only one I've seen the only research I've seen post COVID, especially in the sales enablement space, which hasn't had a lot of coverage from a qualitative perspective, which means not using, you know, circle number one to five. So that was rich data, we pulled that in did a webinar, and we have about 2500 people on our newsletter list. And about 400 total people have listened to almost 500 have listened to the webinar. So that's great. From our listeners from insider nation, you're going to hear about that.

But before I go further, I also have another set of statistics and I I'm doing this on purpose because Scott's such a numbers person. But Nick is our sound guy. And you guys have heard us talk about Nick before. He's the awesome voice over talent at the beginning of the show. Yes, we made him pick the music. He's also introducing the show. And he's also our engineer who edits the show and does all of our cleanup to make it sound good. So he's been tracking our stats, and we're gonna we're gonna give you guys some of those numbers now. So over the last 41 episodes, he's taken out 157 arms. So that's good. 257 double taps on Scott desk. That's that He does that a lot and actually does that when he said something really super important. So there's 257 of those 70 broken words due to it, it would. That's super annoying because it, see what I did there. That was just me, that was not a bad connection. But that's what he fixes so that you don't get annoyed. But Nick, leave that one in. Just for a fact, I thought that was cool. I'm being creative. 340 3045 squeaky chairs like this.

I have a squeaky chair. So he's always on me for squeaking my chair while I'm talking. So he can't edit it out when I'm doing that. So that's probably pretty annoying. And then, about 40 times he's inserted our famous Whoa. And that's almost one per show. So we're on track for that. And five times he's he said, he said to fix it majorly. Because I've said like, hey, Nick, go back and edit that out. We can't say those cuss words, things like that. So that's pretty cool. And thanks, Nick for doing that. Nick wrote us a quick little note. He said he's enjoyed engineering this. And he's sorry, he hasn't found this. So what noise yet? And we're gonna actually he's asking us, Scott, if we can record this. So what noise? What do you think about that? Oh, sweet. You know, that's so what you've been looking for for nine months? Yeah. We're gonna get it right now. By the

Scott Santucci 06:23  

way, thank you guys so much for doing this is awesome. I'm so excited. This is Brian's pure directorial debut. at it. I'm loving it.

Brian Lambert 06:32  

Yeah, we're gonna record this. So what but you are the, I guess the the director or the producer, whatever. So we have to do this. So what until you're happy?

Scott Santucci 06:42  


Brian Lambert 06:42  

what do I need to do? count us down? And then we're going to do so what until we can get it for Nick.

Scott Santucci 06:48  

Okay. Awesome. Okay. 321.

Unknown Speaker 06:56  


Scott Santucci 06:59  

you guys don't sound angry and

Brian Lambert 07:01  

we got to be faster.

Scott Santucci 07:02  

And you got to be angry. Like, what are the hell you talking about? Man?

Brian Lambert 07:07  

Get us into the mood. Why are we so important?

Scott Santucci 07:10  

I need to I need to do it the mood?

Brian Lambert 07:12  

Yeah. Set the context.

Scott Santucci 07:14  

A good director. Yeah, direct direct. I need director. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 07:22  

what's my motivation?

Scott Santucci 07:23  

Right? Well, whose motivation so what's your motivation? So you guys your motivation is this. You just heard me pontificate about something that whether it be World War One trenches, a Brooklyn Bridge, Dimitri medoff. Metal, metal often is a periodic table, something like that. And you're impatient wanting to know what the hell does this have to do with insert something you care about? sales, pipeline coaching, whatever. That's your motivation. She kind of annoyed. I get to the chase. What are you talking about, man?

Brian Lambert 07:58  

All right. Okay, what needs to be fast, not a so what it needs to do what? It needs to be a jab.

Erich Starrett 08:07  

So it's 123. So what?

Unknown Speaker 08:10  

Like that we need we need the rhythm. And we need an example of this. So what you're looking for so so what first I'm serious. Yeah, call this up. demonstrate this. So what and then we need to count off and not a random rhythm and a 123 word,

Erich Starrett 08:28  

right? And then again, we're five. So what's four or five? I'm Maxi directing.

Unknown Speaker 08:31  


Brian Lambert 08:33  

Okay. So Scott, do you want to give us your best so what is you envision it?

Erich Starrett 08:40  

Scorsese? He's reflecting right?

Unknown Speaker 08:42  

Is this what we've come to?

Scott Santucci 08:44  

Well, I think there's a each pick your own. Oh, God. One of these. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 08:51  

So what?

Scott Santucci 08:54  

You can do one of those or So what? Either of those? And we have a mix of those. That'd be better.

Unknown Speaker 09:03  

exasperated to irate. Yes. Got it.

Brian Lambert 09:07  

Yep. You Bill. Bill, you want to count us down in a very specific rhythm.

Unknown Speaker 09:11  

I got you. 123.

Unknown Speaker 09:16  


Scott Santucci 09:18  

that was perfect. Directors. So that

Brian Lambert 09:23  


Scott Santucci 09:24  

wow. Is our producer now for the next year for your next bill.

Unknown Speaker 09:28  

Do you want to do one more so you guys can compare and pick which one you like better? Can we can get on with the damn show?

Brian Lambert 09:34  

Yeah. All right, dude.

Unknown Speaker 09:36  

Oh, what?

Unknown Speaker 09:39  

123 so

Scott Santucci 09:45  


Brian Lambert 09:47  

So none of our listeners know who's actually joined us. So this is perfect.

Scott Santucci 09:50  

Are you recording now? Yeah,

Brian Lambert 09:52  

well, no, we've recorded a whole bunch and that they don't even know these folks are. It's awesome. And you're here in the studio with us live via Jim so let me introduce the five insiders that we have on this show, helping us celebrate our anniversary. I'm going to introduce them now that I'm going to explain after they introduce them a bit about themselves and after I introduce them, I'll explain how this show is going to work. So to help us on the show, First up, we have Erich Starrett. Eric is the Director of Business Development at eta creative event producers and he's based in Atlanta. Hey, Eric, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Erich Starrett 10:30  

Hey, thanks, Brian. Yeah, working for at a creative event producers here where I'm focused on high tech fortune 3000 ish sales, kickoffs, and user conferences, which are more of my sales and marketing field marketing folks. And I'm also the president of the Atlanta Sales Enablement Society's Atlanta chapter, focus there, as you probably know, working with fellow practitioners to elevate the profession, and empowering orchestrators.

Brian Lambert 10:59  

Thanks for joining us and appreciate that and thanks for being a big supporter of insider nation. And actually, you're our first back to back guest not only be on this episode, which is Episode 43, your episode that you helped her record on the research project is going to be 42. So you're honorary back to back first ever honoree back to back person. So thanks for doing that.

Erich Starrett 11:23  

Thanks, it's an honor Brian, thank you. My favorite episode would have to be because of what I shared earlier, the rethink on sales kickoff, what is what are executives getting from the investment? And actually fanboy insider geek fat Scott in episode talks about it as Episode Five, but it is actually Episode 11 insider nation if you're looking to look it up, and the why of it is that it's a veritable buffet of multiple reasons. One, it was the first episode I believe that was recorded after you had released an episode and we're actually starting to get listener feedback. And I loved hearing that my fellow Platipi also loved the whole approach of the revisit, rethink reframe, you address the critical question of if we're going virtual, how am I going to have tequila shots with my peers? absolutely critical. And in fact, it's kind of funny, y'all were ahead of your time now that the whole sky Oh, going virtual is such a big topic. So the couple of things you covered off on that I loved how early and how often do you start planning your SKO's? Can you quantify the economic value of those SKO's? And do you have a post kickoff and pre kickoff plan and those are critical questions that I rarely hear asked and rarely effectively addressed?

Brian Lambert 12:38  

That's cool. Are you gonna Are you gonna start the official insider nation wiki page with all the facts? You're loving walking library?

Scott Santucci 12:48  

I love the fact that I'm getting called out of. So I would I would love to say that was an Easter egg Eric, it wasn't now. Well,

Erich Starrett 12:56  

I feel like it's Easter every day with y'all. So thank you.

Brian Lambert 13:00  

Yeah, he called me out. What did you call me out about over text? You're like, Hey, you said Oh, you said in the webinar. It's the heroic framework. No holistic frame. But he wrote you said it was the holistic framework. Did you really? Yeah. He wrote I'm like, Oh, my Yes, I did. I miss

Scott Santucci 13:17  

being heroic framework. Got to say the beam in front of it.

Brian Lambert 13:21  

Right. Thank you for catching and calling me out as well. Erich in the lab. My pleasure. I appreciate it. All right, cool. Second Person up is Sarah Frick, and she's the senior manager of global sales enablement at ringcentral. I met Sarah when I moved to Charlotte and a little known fact my daughter, who just graduated from Virginia Tech go Hokies. Right, Scott. She's actually been an intern in ringcentral last summer and met Sarah there. So Sarah, and I've talked a lot on LinkedIn. We did some of the Charlotte sex together. And so Sara, thank you so much for joining and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Unknown Speaker 14:00  

Absolutely. Brian, thank you for having me. So, as Brian mentioned, I'm Sarah Frick, I actually recently got married so I do to change that last name.

Scott Santucci 14:10  

A lot here.

Unknown Speaker 14:12  

But my last name is Sarah gross now. And so I'm really excited to obviously be going through the time of life, right. It's been cool first year marriage and our family. We just have a kind of puppy named sir. I work for ringcentral day to day along with that fun family life. And my goal there is to take ringcentral from a billion dollars we are today to attend billion dollar company through helping folks right both communicate within their organizations and outside of their organizations. What I love most about what you're doing here, Brian and Scott is it's eight we're all able to relate to it my favorite episode, because of that is busy, active versus productive. So it's Episode 25. The reason Then I bring that one up is something I constantly struggle with, right? You're there. It's six or seven o'clock at night. Are you actually being productive with your time? Or is it something you should set aside and come back to it at another point I am and realize, right, what are your priorities constantly ranked? So thanks again for having me on.

Brian Lambert 15:20  

Yeah, you bet. Thank you. Thanks for sharing your favorite episode. All right, so let's go to our third person. Three out of five. This is awesome. I'm so excited about this. We've got Megan, who's the sales enablement manager at cyber Ark. I met Megan, when she posted her picture about the show, I think I think that was the one of the coolest moments for me was I had to show my wife I was like, Look, somebody posted our show. And there was the guy running through the brick wall and his big 60 inch TV. I was like, This is so cool. She's also been talking with Scott and I about the idea of the podcast and how to learn now that we're in COVID. She's been involved with SEO as the sales enablement society. And in 2018, she was actually featured on the the coverage desk. And one of the little known facts here is Megan is had had a successful Kickstarter back in 2015. And Amy, just a heads up you guys should talk after the show you guys have a lot in common. But Megan, tell us a little bit about yourself. And also what was your favorite episode?

Unknown Speaker 16:22  

Sure. So a little bit about me, like you said, I lead sales enablement at cyber. Cyber ARKS a global cybersecurity company, we provide privileged access management solutions to enterprises. And from the sales enablement perspective, I like you...



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