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Success IQ - Geoff Nicholson EPISODE 94, 25th September 2018
094 - Biagio Sciacca - Persistent Goal Setting
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094 - Biagio Sciacca - Persistent Goal Setting

Biagio Sciacca (bee-ajh shock-ah), or Bill as his friends call him, is one of the most dynamic speakers on the planet. He has a way of melding social sciences, humanities and plain old common sense into a unique, action-packed message that resounds with self-motivation and enthusiasm.

Over the years, Bill has owned an award-winning consulting and training organization, a chain of donut and ice cream franchises, and several businesses in the automotive/car care industry. Bill’s consulting company touts several thousand clients from locally owned firms to multinational Fortune 500 companies. Now he’s empowering leaders of all levels to grow through an experiential leadership training program in Costa Rica.

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