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The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie - The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie 9th July 2021
Richard Ku with Trend Micro and txOne Networks talk about Cyber Security Endpoint Solutions
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Richard Ku with Trend Micro and txOne Networks talk about Cyber Security Endpoint Solutions

In this week's Industrial Talk Podcast we're talking to Richard Ku with TXOne Network and Trend Micro about "Endpoint Solutions that Secure Legacy Systems and Systems with No Internet Connectivity".  Get the answers to your "Industrial Cyber Security" questions along with Richard's unique insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview! Finally, get your exclusive free access to the Industrial Academy and a series on “Why You Need To Podcast” for Greater Success in 2020. All links designed for keeping you current in this rapidly changing Industrial Market. Learn! Grow! Enjoy!


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SUMMARY KEYWORDS trend micro, solution, network, product, industrial, richard, environment, reference architecture, system, cybersecurity, endpoint, podcast, listeners, protect, security, update, cloud, tx, machine, talk 00:04 Welcome to the industrial talk podcast with Scott MacKenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and let's get all right. Again, thank you very much for joining industrial talk. This is a continuation of our cybersecurity focus, our cybersecurity content training brought to you by those wonderful people at Trend Micro, they absolutely know what they are doing. And if you don't think that cybersecurity and managing those threats is not important, there was another ransomware event news out there. Let's get cracking. Yeah, again, this is much. And I think what I've seen in this particular conversation is one, if we can make the protection and of your systems that exist today, sort of seamless, painless, all of that good stuff better for you. Trend Micro is going down that road. Alright, this is number four in a series of, we're gonna have six now this is number four. And we had cybersecurity threats. gotta listen to that one. Absolutely great. And then podcast number two industrial businesses and technical challenges as you go through this digital transformation journey. A must cybersecurity best practices. So we're all saying there are threats. There are challenges. There are best practices, right? That's our series. Today, we're going to be talking about getting into the products, you just can't just have this conversation, you've got to have solutions. You've got to have concrete, doggone solutions to be able to secure your network, get work done, make it safe, do everything you possibly can and and prevent bad people getting into your your network. So what we're going to be talking about is endpoint products and solutions on this particular podcast. The next one after this, we're going to be talking about network products. Okay. And then hopefully, we'll get the CEO of Trend Micro talking about what that future looks like. What are the challenges that exist? What are the opportunities, it's bright, secure, all that good stuff. So on this one, Richard Kuh, again, going to be knocking out of the park going to be talking about endpoint solutions. And I'm telling you, man, this is cool stuff. They've got a great, great solution out there solutions with an S you can hear my ass in that one. All right, enjoy of this episode. Richard, welcome back to industrial talk. Now, listeners. This is podcast, and video number four. The other three, you have to you have to look into them, you have to find them. podcast number one, we talked about cyber security threats, challenges and risks. That is podcast number one, podcast number two included industrial business, and technical challenges for you businesses out there that are going down that digital transformation journey. The other number three was cybersecurity best practice, big time, go out to industrial talk att.com. And you will find great links into those standards for you as a company going down to that digital transformation. Now, what we're going to be covering on this particular podcast number four is industrial cybersecurity solutions that are provided by Trend Micro and I think what we're going to do for this one, so that if you're, if you're looking at the video, we're going to share some slides. If you're out there on podcast world, you're just going to have to find the video, but we're going to do the best we can to explain what the network looks like. And we're going to segregate it into two, one, an endpoint solution. And then the next podcast what we're going to do is we're going to talk about networking solutions. Richard, did I cover it right? Yeah, Scott. Looks like we're right on it. All right. All right. Let's, for the listeners out there. We've talked about a lot of cybersecurity stuff. We've talked about the market out there. We've talked about the environment. We've talked about pretty much everything that you could possibly make. Now we're sort of getting into the nitty gritty Richard, we're getting into the real, you know, hardware, the stuff that needs to be put into practice and in input on your network. Give us a little high level overview of the product lines and the solutions you have. 04:58 But Thanks, Scott, so much. I think over the last, you know, several podcasts, we talk about the risks, right, we talk about the challenge, and also we talk about some best practice. Now on this particular podcast, we're going to focus very much on some of the new, you know, industrial console cybersecurity for on trend, micro and TX one networks, right. And so, as you mentioned, we're going to cover in two section, one section is going to be about the endpoint. And then of course, the networking product. But specifically on a high level, you know, one of the things that I typically recommend to the customer and many of the partner is that, if you have a chance, right, go and look at the reference architecture for you know, from is a 99, or some people call it the Purdue reference architecture, right. And in that particular reference architecture, or, you know, basically, they organize a struct in such that you have an operational technology environment, and then you have an information technology environment and a VR cloud. So maybe if I can share, Skype absolutely makes it for me to share now. Yeah, absolutely. Right. So here is basically kind of our recommendation cybersecurity for industrial control environment. And this is kind of our defense in depth, you know, offering, right and as I mentioned, this is a high level flash reference architecture, I design I put it together. So on the left side is your typical reference architecture for ot environment, right. And as the, you know, Purdue model, as you can see, in there, you have different level, or you know, from starting from the level zero, level one, level three, to level three. And then of course, you have the connected world, or this is what we call a cloud, you know, environment. And so on the operational technology environment, you have the low level zero, this way, you have all the sensor, all the devices, right, and then the next level level one is to connect all your control networks, like your PLC your to your DCs system, right. And then next level two is kind of your supervisory network, right, this is where you see all the different, you know, Asian machines, the status system and stuff in that, right, and then that next level, our three, this is kind of your operational and your control, network environment. And typically, this is where you have all the, you know, your traditional universes, you know, up to date, latest, greatest, you know, Windows or Linux or, you know, VMware environment, right, and this guy very much happy to on that operational side. And so this is kind of how we see many organizations structure, their ot environment, and the on the right side is your traditional enterprise, you know, information technology, or IT infrastructure, but we're not going to talk about that. And then, of course, you know, last but not least, on the very top, you know, we talk about the connected world, or this is kind of your cloud environment, right. And if you are going through that transformation, and you're leveraging the different cloud, you know, the public cloud environment that you do want to secure those as well. So, this is going to be a high level on the very left side, right, these are additional, you know, I would say environment that we also typically recommend customer to protect, because you do have a lot of contractors coming in to your lab and perform kind of maintenance or updating, we want to make sure those those contractors are secure right. So on a very high level, this is kind of our reference architecture. Now, from a solution perspective, 08:57 let me let me let me let me on. So listeners, what we have is we have a slide and the slide has multiple levels and the various security that is necessary for those levels. I think that because we're going down the cloud that's important that is a part that is also a part of that digital transformation journey. And then of course, specially today you have a lot of contractors coming on, on on your network and and and that is very important to be able to protect your, your overall network. And that's why trend micros got a great product for you now. Richard, will I will the listeners be able to download this particular slide from industrial talk? 09:44 Yes, I think what we will do is I will share this couple of this live with us you can you know, make that available to the listener as well. 09:52 Good. Okay, proceed. Oh, 09:55 yeah. So as we discussed, right, you know, at the lowest level level, zero and level Want to read this is typically all the sensors and devices. And, you know, traditionally, I think it's very difficult, you know, to put any kind of security there, if it's already been developed and already put in place. However, if you are, you know, saying building this device, you know from the ground up, then there is offering out there right from Trend Micro where we provide a set of binary or security SDK that you can actually take this binary and bake right into your device itself, right. So this is the product, we call Trend Micro IoT security solution. And it's available there as well. And then as you move to level two, right, this is where all your PLC, or DCs system and your RTU, right, this is where you have different cables, from Trend Micro, you know, for example, you can have our hrps, right, and that can be set in front of your PLC, or DCs, make sure that all the traffic coming in out of the networks, you know, that device up, check is and make sure that it is not have any kind of bad things coming through or going out, right. So that's kind of the level two, or level one. And level two, you have, you know, all the difference scalar system or the HDMI machine. These are typically, you know, Windows seven or Windows XP, right, it's been around for who knows, in decades and haven't been update or Microsoft patches, right. And so, we do have a couple products here, you know, one of the product we recommend highly is a product called stellar protect, and this is a lockdown whitelisting solution. And we'll talk about a little bit more in some of the use case. And then of course, if you move to the color, the level three, right, this kind of your operational or your control center, right, where you're going to have probably your latest and greatest, you know, say operating system, everything from VMware to your, you know, let's say on premise environment, cloud on different version of Windows or Linux, and then you can you need to secure this right with many of the solution for Trend Micro, and we can talk about that as well. And then last but not least, your cloud infrastructure, right, you leveraging public cloud, like Microsoft Cloud, or you know, the AWS, you definitely want to secure those public cloud as well. And we have solution, and we can talk about that. So on a very high level, and these are the products that we're gonna get to talk a little bit more, or maybe last but not least, you can, we're going to mention about, you know, you have a lot of contractors will come in, right, and you know, they want to build, perform maintenance and update on some of these PLC system. So we have a product called portable security, right, they allow you to basically perform a scanner on the system, make sure they are in compliance first, before you allow them to actually connect to your network. So that's a product called portable security. But we can talk about a little bit more as we go into the next question. Excellent. 13:03 One question I do have is, given this given the situation, given this solution, this diagram, how does somebody like me keep current with all of the requirements, all of the protection that is needed? on an ongoing basis? Does Trend Micro make that easy? Or seamless? Or how does that work? 13:31 Yeah, so the 10 on the vertical you're coming from right, because, you know, soon vertical, they are air gapped, they are completely isolated networks, and they don't allow any type of connectivity into the cloud. So for example, you got maybe the power and energy right there, you know, typically don't connect to the internet in that kind of scenario, right, then you will have to designate right in a system that can be connected to internet and you are allowed to basically you know connect with that system and that system then be allowed to download the latest update in patches from Trend Micro and from there, we can update all the software that deploy within an organization. So that's one way to do it. In the air in an environment where you are you know fully connected the internet right for example, if you you know, connect it into the cloud or into the internet, they in that case, almost every single product that we have available today. Basically, every time you load the system or the program or the software, it will automatically check to make sure that you have the latest and greatest you know updating patches available and if it is not, you know up to date he will download and automatically update that for you. Right so it's really dependent on the type of customer You are the environment you add. are you connected internet or basically all Isolated or air gap, right? So there's different options we can provide. Love it, love it. Now 15:05 let's start let's venture into your endpoint solutions. Can you sort of give us a little rundown of what those are? 15:14 Yeah, so from an endpoint perspective, right, you know, we have, I would say, kind of three solution that we are making available today to our customer, right? The first solution is what we call our Apex one, this is just your traditional, you know, endpoint security solution that provide, basically, you know, you know, Ai, intelligent, you know, auditor intelligent, you know, scanning a lot, you know, basically, signatures as well as some rule base that we provide. And also, you know, that's kind of your traditional, you know, the endpoint security solution. And you can protect all your latest and greatest Windows environment, right. And so, that is another product we have called Apex one for your, you know, I was convinced, you know, a Windows environment. Now, if you are on a critical environment, you know, especially like a Hmm, machine, or skater system that are running, let's say, Windows seven, or Windows XP, right, and many of these systems probably have been around for decades, where and you haven't even have a chance to patch or update, or, you know, because Microsoft haven't provided any, you know, available patch today, then we have a product called stellar protect. And this is a lockdown whitelisting security solution that basically allow you to deploy into the host itself, and was installed that we basically do a query of all the files and application in that system. And then we calculate a hash and make sure that these are the, you know, approved file that only allowed to run that machine. And then we'll lock that system down. And then only those files or the application that you approved it to run on that machine are allowed to run anything else beyond right on that list, it will not allow it to run. So for example, if you have a ransomware, right, they try to compromise the machine. But because the father was on the approved list, right, and therefore he won't allow it to run so you can prevent or protect that machine from being compromised by malware. Right. So that doesn't, you know, you know, the auto product would castella protect, right. And then last but not least, that's a product which is a USB, or we call it a portable security, right? And portable security. It's a very simple on demand scanning solution that can address many use cases, right? What are the use case we talked about was contractor who bring the laptop, they want to do perform some kind of update or maintenance on your PLCs or this year. So you want to make sure that those systems are up to date and not being compromised, or it's clean before you allow it to connect to the PLC or to your networks. So that's one use case, a portable Security Console will allow you to perform a scanning on the system first, before allowed to connect to that environment. What are the use case on portable security is that if you have an air gapping environment, right, you have zero connectivity to the internet, but you still want to make sure that those machines are, you know, clean and in compliance and make sure they don't have any dirty files in the system. You can take that USB stick, right and you gajic go to, you know machine on that air gap environment. And you can perform a scan of the system to make sure that it is clean and its compliance is not dirty, right? And then it will allow you to be compliant. Right. So that's another use case that border security can can address right so and so, these are three endpoint security solution that you know is really purpose built for, you know, many of these industrial, you know, site, you know, environment is you know, especially for some of this old systems. 19:37 So what I hear Richard, what we have is sort of that the apex one is a more of a traditional type of protection product, right traditional, and then what you have and I know I've been out there in the field and you know it because you're listening to me, you have legacy systems out there that are just all the better around for decades, and you need a product to be able to provide protection for those systems as well. And that is stellar. Right? Did I get that? Right? still protect? Yes, stellar, protect. And then finally, and this is something I see all the time. And the problem is, is that I see contractors coming and going, I love that use case, they come and go, come and go plug in, they get on the network, they do whatever is necessary. And, and this is the first time, Richard that I've heard of a product that you could sit there and go, Hey, well, we want you to get on the network. But we've got to make sure that your, your product, your your computer is in compliance. So let's just do this real quick. The value or the benefit of that, and what I hear is like, if it comes back, and I like the fact that it could be green, yellow, or red. But if it comes back and let's say it's read, then you could do something about it. It's like, okay, Hey, you got a problem? Let's clean it up before you can get on the network. Did I solve? Did I sum that up? Right? 21:06 Yeah, it especially the last row we see, you know, infection, you know, every infection over and over again, because, you know, people, you know, tend not to understand that use case. So they allow people just, you know, anyone just to connected, you know, that way just to update the, you know, your sees, and, you know, I see that all the time, right? Oh, yeah. 21:31 time I got him. If I had a nickel every time that happened, I'd be a rich man. Because it just it they that that's what happens. They come running in, plug, boom, get online, do whatever is necessary. And it happens all the time. All right. Anything else that we need to cover with this particular conversation? What we have is endpoint solutions with Trend Micro TX one networks. Great stuff. We talked about, sort of that overall diagram of how you protect your network, which will have out there on industrial talk. That's great stuff. And then we have three products that are specific to endpoint. That is Apex one, Stella, Stella. Right. And then yeah, and then, of course, you've got that the, the the portable solution of that. Sort of like it's just a thumb drive. So that's those are the three products. That's correct. All right. So yeah, I'm listening to you. I'm listening to you right now. And I want to know more about this, I want to be able to dig deep, I want to be able to have links, I want to see stuff I want to I want to experience, do you have a specific website that we could go to, as a listener to find out more? 22:59 Yes, so Scott saw all this part and print product I just talked about, it's available at trend micro.com, right, or LR, TX one. networks, right. And you can go there, right, you can actually download the software, rather stellar protect, as well as the apex one. And you can start to basically play with the product. Now, specifically to the proper security, because it's a you know, hardware. So it will require us to you know, ship a physical device into your, you know, office for you to, you know, you know, do a proof of concept or play with the product. So, if you're interested on any other product, the software you can follow, but the hardware version, you have to basically contact us in a one make sure that it can't be sent out to you know, you to test or verify or play with it. And look at the way the product work. Beautiful. Now, listeners, we're gonna be talking in the next episode and next podcast, we're gonna be talking about Network Solutions, because we're just scratching the surface now, one last question. 24:15 This is fantastic stuff. Richard. Fantastic. How does it it just, it'll stay up to date. Now we'll get out. You have solved that challenge too. Right? 24:29 Yes, yes. As I mentioned right depending on you know, the type of customer and the environment you have you know, if you're you know, unless you're truly connected environment and you have connectivity to internet then yes, you know, we always provide the latest update and patch and you know, rules a signature necessary to address the latest you know, you know, threat you know, from out there and once you connect, we will automatically download and update you know, software and upon itself. You If you want to non connected environment, right is all your gap that you have to basically, you know, connect to a designated machine that allow you connectivities into the internet. And then from there, you can not download the updated patch in there perform the update to your network by yourself. And that requires a little bit more effort on the on the IT side, but you know, I think that it's always there. And you know, you have to do it. 25:27 Love the solutions. Love the conversation listeners. Again, don't worry, don't fret, it'll be out at industrial talk.com it'll be you'll be able to find it in a jet second, get it there's no, there's no excuse for not being properly protected. Because Trend Micro has done a great job at making it making it work. Richard again, you you've hit it out of the park, thank you very much for joining industrial Talk. Thank you, Scott. Again, listeners, we're gonna wrap it up on the other side. Remember, we're going to be talking about Network Solutions in our next episode. So stay tuned. You're listening to the industrial talk, Podcast Network. 26:19 All right, once again, please make a note that this is number four in a podcast series that we're really tackling cybersecurity, getting all the answers out there as much as we possibly can. This one, again, endpoint products. TX one, networks. Trend Micro. They're out there. important, important stuff. Now you say to yourself, Scott saw great chirpin it's out on video, all that good stuff. Yeah, it is. But you know what else is great? You're gonna have these diagrams to download from these podcasts just go out to industrial talk.com. We're going to have this particular diagram, which is pretty cool. And then in our next episode, where we're talking about network products, we're going to also have a deck of about 10 slides there. So Oh, excuse no excuse. You got the information out there. All right. Be bold, be brave, daring greatly. hang out with people like Richard, like team Trend Micro like team TX one, and you're going to change the world. All right, we're going to have number five in the cybersecurity right around the corner. So stay tuned.