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Creating a Culture of Productivity – Scott Brown [RR 671]
Episode 67131st August 2021 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Scott Brown, Cardinal Plaza Shell, Springfield, VA. The second-generation owner of Cardinal Plaza Shell, a 2,700 square feet, 5 bay independent repair shop and LEVEL 5 Solutions, an automotive technology company. Celebrated 50 years in business during 2019. Scott is a Member & Past President of Virginia Automotive Association, Member of Car Care Professional Network through the ACA. and founding partner of the Blue Ocean Buying Group for independent repair shops. Listen to Scott's previous episodes HERE Key Talking Points
  • Culture of productivity- 5 bay shop produces 4.2 million per year. 
  • CEO must set culture and value system- must be rigid
  • Being grateful for everything, entitled to nothing - creates an attitude of resilience, instead of chasing productivity you’re striving for achieving performance. Look beyond the numbers. 
  • Falling into a trap- have to do everything, be strong for everyone, all “I” statements. Problem with pride- don’t want to show vulnerability/weakness. Turn “I” statements to “we.” Become more concerned for the needs of others instead of yourself. Giving up control allows your team to thrive. The only barrier is you (the owner)
  • How can you increase culture every single day? Staying late to help, recognizing hard work from someone else, going out of the way to give praise to each other. Everyone can be a leader and give back to each other. 
  • How do you know if the culture is working? Do you love going into work every day? 
  • Goodhart’s law- “when a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.”
  • Who does the shop belong to? Anyone but the owner, it belongs to the clients, the team etc.
  • Competition with yourself instead of others- everyone can still pull together 
  • Are you living inside of a broken culture? Need permission for more than one person to make a purchase or try something new, lack of communication, budgets that cripple creativity. 
  • Organizational debt- problem happens once but there is a creation of procedure that doesn’t serve the organization  
  • Apple TV Show: Ted Lasso
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