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Episode 143 Suicide Panel: “Stay in Your Body” Part 2
19th June 2019 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 143 Suicide Panel: The plea to “Stay in Your Body” Part 2

Welcome back to the Love Your Story podcast. Today is Part 2 of the Suicide Panel Discussion. If you missed last week’s discussion – go back and grab it – these 4 panelists are a powerhouse, and I must admit, just when I thought I knew what one of them was going to say, they surprised me with a different insight. I put together this panel because of my own shock at what is being called the suicide “epidemic.” It used to be that every once in a while you’d hear about someone taking their own life, but it wasn’t often and it was said in hushed tones. Now, it seems like every week I hear of someone else committing suicide and I’m shocked and filled with questions. What has cause the increase in suicide? Why now? What’s going on out there in battle for our lives?

We all know that space of feeling disconnected, of being frustrated that life/relationships/career didn’t turn out as we expected. I’m sure at one time or another we’ve all felt alienated. It’s when those feelings of disconnection and alienation combine with the hopelessness that things will never change that suicide has become an all too familiar option. But what is the cause of so much hopelessness?

Tune in for the rest of our discussion with this dynamic panel:


Cherie Burton

has worked as a group counselor at a psychiatric hospital, an addiction recovery center and a behavioral facility for teen boys.  She has stepped away from clinical work to inspire women worldwide to reach their full potential through books, workshops and retreats. Her work as an author, podcaster, international business owner, speaker, mom of 5, emotional release facilitator and leadership development trainer has helped thousands of women magnify their gifts and find wholeness. Cherie’s sister took her own life and this has affected Cherie’s work.

Link to Cherie Burton’s podcast: Women Seeking Wholeness –


Ganel-Lyn Condie

is a popular motivational speaker – known for inspiring others with her unique honesty, authenticity and spirit. She is dedicated to her family, faith, and inspiring others. Ganel-Lyn loves teaching others with speaking and writing. She has experienced healing from a major chronic illness and is the mother to two miracle children. After the heart-breaking suicide of her 40-year-old sister, Ganel-Lyn is constantly working towards prevention. Ganel-Lyn lives with an open heart and feels passionate about sharing principles that will empower others to live life with more joy. She is a regular television and radio guest. Ganel-Lyn’s talks and books have now encouraged thousands of people all over the world. She loves growing older with her cute husband Rob and aims to keep learning and loving.

For links to Ganel-Lyn’s books, talks, and platform:


Megan Cook Johnson

received a Masters Degree in Social Work from BYU in 2008. She has been a therapist at LDS Family Services for 10 years where her focus has been treating Depression and Anxiety. She had recently been trained in Hypnotherapy and is working on starting a private practice. Megan is the Co-Founder of The Emily Effect Foundation, an organization that honors her late sister Emily and seeks to raise awareness and improve resources for those experiencing Postpartum Mood Disorders.

Link to the Emily Effect Foundation:


Seth Adam Smith

is a best-selling, award-winning author and blogger whose writings have been translated into over thirty languages and featured on the Huffington Post, Good Morning America, Fox News, CNN, the Today show, Forbes, and many other news outlets around the world. In 2015, his book “Your Life Isn’t for You” was awarded a gold medal for inspirational memoir.

A survivor of a suicide attempt in 2006, Seth has become an advocate for resources and understanding concerning depression and suicide prevention, and he regularly writes about these topics in his books and on his blog. He and his family currently live in Arizona.

Seth’s Book: Your Life Isn’t For You:

This second episode picks up after our introductions to each panel member and their stories. Let’s hop right into the questions.

Tune into the audio program for the discussion.

Thank you for tuning in to this intense and meaningful discussion on the topic of the epidemic of suicide. We’ve talked about connecting with self, about seeing other people beyond ourselves, about healing, about mental illness, about darkness vs. light and the idea of mental warfare between good and evil and so much more. I invite you to share this podcast, to be the hope for someone else, to connect with your own wholeness, to remember that you are a miracle and we all need each other. I invite you to reach out for tools when you are in need, to help remove shame around the topic of suicide so we can be open and find solutions. I invite you to follow or connect with any of these panel members through their books, workshops, blogs, therapy sessions or in any way that you need to. Their contact information will be in the show notes.

The human soul is precious – everyone. Stay in the battle finding the moments of joy and fighting through the moments of darkness because there is always hope. Good things always come.

Don’t forget your resource – to buy my book LIFE Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday, to listen to all 130+ podcast episodes on all types of topics related to creating your best life story, or to share any of them. We’ll pick up next week with the rest of the discussion.