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Why Curiosity Will Cure The World with Bobby Sausalito (OG 018)
13th May 2022 • The Oto Gomes Crypto Show • Oto Gomes
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Leading with curiosity means accepting that you don’t know everything! As a comedian, political commentator, and internet personality, Bobby Sausalito has used radical curiosity to uncover the deepest truths and shares his findings with us today. In a world of snap judgments, Bobby’s ability to blend perspectives and be understanding of the imperfections in others is a HUGE gift. We explore Bobby’s entrepreneurial beginnings and the mindset needed for success. We also cover why more money won’t make you happy, where crypto can fit into your financial plan, and why understanding economics and current events is vital to prosperity.


  • [02:01] How did Bobby start his entrepreneurial career?
  • [06:08] Why you need to understand politics and economics to be successful.
  • [09:14] How to blend various perspectives to see the whole picture. 
  • [15:00] Are there politicians with good intentions fighting for the people?
  • [18:28] How to make peace with imperfection.
  • [24:29] Can you accept that you don’t know everything?
  • [30:56] Why more money isn’t the path to joy.
  • [34:25] Where can crypto have a function in society?
  • [35:03] Why each person will have a unique pathway to financial abundance. 

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