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The Buzz - iHub Network 25th April 2020
The Buzz - Episode 24
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The Buzz - Episode 24

Jocelyn speaks to John Armstrong, Esq, of Horowitz and Armstrong, Attorneys at Law, https://www.horwitzarmstrong.com about the how cannabis is taxed and how those taxes impact the supply chain and, consumers in particular, who face higher prices in the store. 

CVCAN is planning to ask local cities in the Coachella Valley for relief from some local taxation, as the cannabis business has been shut out of all other forms of COVID-19 relief being offered. The Cannabis Industry is not only a tax generator, but also a jobs maker, employing 244,000 full time employees as of January 2020. It is also a tourism generator in the Valley, a place that relied heavily on visitors. Until they return, the demand locally has gone way down, and anecdotally consumers who have lost their jobs are turning back to the illegal market for cheaper products to buy, regardless of their safety. The challenge will be to explain to local elected officials why these businesses, while being essential, are still hurting during this stay-at-home order.