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Why reviews and “best of” lists aren't very helpful
Episode 724th April 2024 • The Procurement Software Podcast • James Meads
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This week on The Procurement Software Podcast, host James Meads delves into the topic of why reviews and best-of lists may not be as helpful as they seem when choosing procurement software.

The episode also touches on the lack of transparency in some top procurement tech listings, cautioning listeners to be wary of sponsored content.

Tune in to gain insights on navigating the complex landscape of procurement software selection.

Why Procurement Software reviews are of limited use

This episode underscores the importance of a critical approach when considering reviews and best-of lists for procurement software.

It stresses that the criteria used in reviews might not always align with an organisation's specific needs, given the diversity in procurement maturity and operational requirements.

The episode further highlights the significance of the reviewer's role within their company, suggesting that feedback from daily users like procurement category managers is more valuable than that from analyst firms.

Additionally, the size and maturity of one's organisation are crucial factors to consider, as a solution fit for a large, mature enterprise may not suit a mid-market business or a growing tech start-up.

The episode concludes by advocating for a nuanced evaluation of procurement software, taking into account the criteria used in reviews, the user's role, and the organisation's size and maturity level, to make informed decisions that best serve an organisation's unique procurement needs.


[00:00:37] The Problem with Reviews and Best-of Lists

[00:01:10] Personal Experiences and Organisational Differences

[00:03:20] Relevance of Reviews from Large Enterprises

[00:04:24] The Bias Towards Large Enterprise in Best-of Lists

[00:05:08] Considerations When Looking at Procurement Software Reviews

[00:07:37] Procurement Maturity and Organisational Stages

[00:08:10] Impact of Change Management and Data Quality

[00:09:04] Summary and Critical Mindset Towards Reviews

[00:11:22] Conclusion and Takeaways

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