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Life After Alcohol with Rich Galdieri Untapped Keg Ep 138
Episode 1389th January 2023 • Untapped Keg • Untapped Keg
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Life After Alcohol with Rich Galdieri Untapped Keg Ep 138

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RJ talks with Rich Galdieri, friend and trainee in TNMI Coaching, to talk about alcohol in society. They also talk about how to break free from alcohol controlling our thoughts and actions. Look for more from Rich in the coming months!

We talk about a TikTok of a Ted Talk in this episode. You can find the link for that here!

When we think about spending money for coaching or mentorship, a lot of the time we scoff at that. Why would we spend money on something that we don’t fully understand the benefits of? Well, why not get into what the benefits truly are, how it will help fast track your journey, and what you should look for in a coach or mentor. Why wouldn’t you want to INVEST IN YOURSELF?!

The very FIRST endorsement for a coach is Jake Yoder of Natural High’s Recovery! You can schedule a FREE call with Jake to see if you both would be a fit to work together here:

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro

5:00 Who is Rich Galdieri

11:00 First Even Alcohol Free

15:00 Sharing What You Have Found Through Coaching

23:00 Coaching Background for Rich

32:00 The Coaching Process and Helping Others

42:00 The Power of Connection

53:00 Rich’s One Big Takeaway

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