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013 Dr Craig Wiener – Parenting ADHD Children
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013 Dr Craig Wiener – Parenting ADHD Children

 ADHD Parenting: Build From Within For Self-Reliance & Cooperation

Discipline is a matter of helping a child learn self-reliance and cooperation - for balanced self-management and informed independence.
- Craig Wiener

Parenting Without A Balanced Approach For Conflict Resolution - Emotions Rule the Day

Dr. Wiener is a deep, thoughtful, and highly respected professional in the ADHD community, and we appreciate his taking the time to personally share his encouraging, parent-skills insights for children with challenges. He makes his points rather emphatically: if we simply rely on structure and discipline, if our only tools for management are negative consequences or medications, we/they are lost from the outset.

After writing two books for academicians that outlined the limitations of psychological determinism as it applies to the management and development of children, Dr. Wiener soon recognized that parents needed a personalized, utilitarian translation with specific recommendations for daily experience with their own ADHD children. His landmark parenting book spells out specific strategies to encourage more thoughtful, more useful, more developmentally helpful coping options for working with ADHD children.

Ed Note:

Dr. Wiener specializes in the treatment of children, adolescents and families. With over thirty years in private practice, he is an Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Clinical Director of Mental Health Services at the Family Health Center of Worcester, MA. As you listen to this episode he makes excellent points about working with children with an eye to finding their coping capacities, what they do well, and how they can learn to effectively negotiate beyond emotions and demands.

Craig makes it clear that counterproductive parenting patterns significantly contribute to arrested childhood development and emotional dysregulation. No, it's not the parent's fault, it is a matter of truly understanding how to use basic conflict resolution and mediation strategies for the long haul. His strategies are built on a foundation of respect, understanding and metacognition. Think: it's a family plan.

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His Message In A Sentence:

Search for, and reward, responsible efforts, effective outcomes, and evolving interpersonal skills - beyond simply using medications for management.


Epigenetic Changes In Childhood Can Last A Lifetime - 3:52 min


His Mission: 

Counterproductive behaviors included in the ADHD diagnosis can become more frequent due to parental reinforcement. He shows parents how to stop those reinforcements and alternatively develop their child’s self-reliance and cooperation.

Dr. Wiener's Connection:


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Complimentary 013 Book Drawing - Closes June 2, 2016

Complimentary Book By Dr. Wiener

Parenting Your Child with ADHD: A No-nonsense Guide for Nurturing Self-reliance and Cooperation



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