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Overcoming Hop-stacles
Episode 2619th December 2021 • Beer Feelings • Natalie Rae Jones
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On episode 26, Natalie invited Laura Bruns of Craft Beer Uncovered back to the show to chat about overcoming hop-stacles. If you, or someone you know, doesn't drink beer because of a fear or dislike of hops - this is the episode for you. Tune in to learn why hops were added to beer in the first place, how to find a hop to love, and more. Enjoy and cheers!

Time Stamps:

2:55 - Why are hops in beer?

6:00 - Adding hops to different parts of the brewing process

9:39 - Do certain hops belong to certain styles of beer?

13:45 - Beginner friendly hops

15:25 - Exploring new varieties of hops

21:30 - Revisiting beers that you didn't like in the past


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