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RR 392: Shop Talk 7 – The Leading Ladies
28th December 2018 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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The Panel are members of ATI’s female only twenty group the ‘Leading Ladies’. Pictured above Shelle Bennett, Judi Haglin and Kelli Weatherby.


Judi Haglin and husband Dana own Haglin Automotive Inc., a full-service auto repair shop in Boulder, CO, and they’ve been leaders in the Boulder auto repair industry since 1981.

Judi and Dana have a super working relationship and they pay attention to details, share a core value; ‘Everyone Speaks’ that is part of their strong business culture.

They received Motor Age’s Top Shop honor in 2015. Key to their success is they know their roles and together make a strong business owner. They say, “Fixing cars is secondary, we are primarily solving our customer’s problems”. Previous episodes HERE.


Kelli Weatherby co-owner, with husband Lee, in Accurate Automotive, Inc. in Mesa, AZ. Accurate Automotive was founded in July 1994

Their time building Accurate Automotive, Inc. has been very adventurous. Along the way they have been fortunate to have received awards but mostly Kelli treasures her involvement in ATI and being a part of the sole all women 20 groups, Leading Ladies.  

Kelli is the mother of 2. Morgan (daughter), Corbin (Son) both married now and working in their careers. Corbin is a father of 3 which makes me a Nana who LOVES to spoil her little’s!!!   Listen to Kelli’s previous episodes HERE.


Shelle Bennett Mike’s Kars, Inc. Gettysburg, PA and her husband Mike purchased the business from Shelle’sparents in 2001.  (Her parents started the business in the late ’70s.)  Shelle joined the business in 2003 to help continue the transition from parent to child.  As we transitioned, grew the business and made it more efficient, Mike needed another challenge and became a coach with ATI.  At that time my parents had been out of the business for a few years and that left me at the helm.  So … since spring of 2011 I have been solo – of course with Mike, my ATI coach and the Leading Ladies 20 Group a phone call or text away for support. The shop has 4 bays, 3 techs, 2 service advisors, 1 admin assistant.


Key Talking Points:

  • Women owners in an ATI twenty group.
  • They work hard in their group and they have homework and it is frowned upon if it is not done.
  • They’ll do a zoom meeting and they have a private Facebook Group.
  • They collectively read a book and then discuss their take-a-ways.
  • Business Culture is very important to this group.
  • They love to talk business.
  • Confidence is a great result of the twenty group.
  • They’ve used the Bird Test to evaluate their compatibility to their teams and each other. Knowing each other’s unique and distinctive traits that clarify personality and innermost being.  
  • The power of the group is the group. We are safe inside the group. We have a safe learning environment.
  • The secret to the success of the business is YOU.
  • Give your team a voice in changes in the business.
  • Too many shop owners do not have humility in order to make a change and grow their company.
    • They need to look up and start to network.
    • Start looking long term and not on getting out. This mentality will not help grow your business.
    • Get involved locally.
  • Fear of sharing holds shop owners back.
    • There is enough cars/work for everyone.
    • Business is a forever rollercoaster of opportunities and challenges
    • Let your vendors know you are an open shop   
  • Technology will be an extremely important factor to pay attention to.
    • E-commerce with parts buying issues will become factors in our business plans
    • Installing customer parts will become an issue to deal with.
    • Is it possible to sell ‘labor’ online and sell a package of hours to the consumer?

Get in touch with Judi, Shelle, and Kelli via Carm’s email HERE.



  • Thanks to Shelle Bennett, Judi Haglin and Kelli Weatherby for his contribution to the aftermarket’s premier podcast.
  • Link to the ‘BOOKS‘ page highlighting all books discussed in the podcast library HERE. Leaders are readers.
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