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Your Confident Self - Allegra M. Sinclair EPISODE 74, 14th January 2020
When Will You be Tired of Living a Lie?
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When Will You be Tired of Living a Lie?

Wondering what the pressure is that you feel all the time? It's the pressure of living a lie. Here is a quick quiz that will let you know if you're living a lie. Just answer these questions honestly to get the answers you need.

In this episode I ask 7 quick questions to help you determine if you're under pressure due to living a lie. Then I look at why you might be doing that and benefits you'll get from cutting that out. :)

The weight of being a fake person can be overwhelming. Think about how much energy you would expend trying to be the perfect manager, wife, daughter, role model, super hero, sibling, etc. As the pressure builds from outside to conform, your own authentic self begins to feel trapped and miserable, like a caged tiger in the zoo pacing back and forth, plotting how to be free.

If you have been living a lie in order to please others, you owe it to yourself to start taking action to live a more authentic life in which your true self can shine through.

Get your free authenticity exercise at https://allegrasinclair.com/074 to figure out where you're living a lie so you can relieve the pressure and show up as yourself.