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A Garden Metaphor ~ Audio Article
10th February 2019 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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We have a garden, in fact, we also have a gardening website! In writing an article about tomato plant problems, one of the tomato issues reminded me of a garden metaphor as it relates to growth challenges amongst creators and entrepreneurs.

Something that many creatives and entrepreneurs are good at is uneven growth. We can even appear manic depressive in how we can vacillate between flurries of productivity followed by downtime.

Perhaps you’ve experienced that, or know someone who has. Often, our growth fluctuates between the wild Pan spirit of spring growth, and silent solace of the slumbering garden in winter.

From December to March,
there are for many of us three gardens:
the garden outdoors,
the garden of pots and bowls in the house,
and the garden of the mind’s eye.
~Katherine S. White, writer, editor