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Infinite Earth Radio – weekly conversations with leaders building smarter, more sustainable, and equitable communities - Michael Hancox EPISODE 142, 20th September 2018
Transitioning Fossil Fuel Communities
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Transitioning Fossil Fuel Communities


Adaptation and Livable Communities Series – how communities can prosper economically despite transitions

Guest & Organization:

Kate Gordon is an internationally recognized expert on the intersection of clean energy and economic development. She wears a number of hats including Partner on the sustainability team of RIDGE-LANE Limited Partners; Senior Advisor at the Paulson Institute; and non-resident Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University. Kate may be best known for her work as the founder and director of the “Risky Business Project,” co-chaired by Michael Bloomberg, Henry Paulson, and Tom Steyer. The Risky Business project focused on the economic risks the U.S. faces from unmitigated climate change. Kate is a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal as one of the paper’s “Energy Experts.” Kate also serves on the non-profit board the American Jobs Project; is also a member of the Sustainable Investing Advisory Board at Brown Advisory.


Risky Business Project

California Adaptation Forum

Local Government Commission

American Jobs Project