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203: On The Dock with Chef Maria Campbell
Episode 203Bonus Episode17th September 2021 • Chef Life Radio • Realignment Media
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On The Back Dock with Chef Maria Campbell

00:29 - Welcome to On the Dock with Maria Campbell

01:10 - How bad did it get during COVID?

05:28 - How are you actively engaged in self-care?

09:45 - What are you looking forward to?

10:30 - How does it feel to be Maria right now?

14:55 - On the Docks with Maria Campbell Outro

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Maria Campbell, MBA is a Chef-by-trade is an established educator and a mentor who uses her determination and positivity to influence all who she works with. Through her role as a Partner and Productivity Specialist with One Degree Coaching, she provides guided leadership mastery to businesses of all types, helping them to reach their full potentials and achieve success. As the Founder and Executive Director of Cooks Who Care - a collective formed to serve as the Well-Being Concierge for the Food Industry - she drives much-needed change in the industry she loves, encouraging others to support the health of underpaid and underserved workers who run our country's kitchens and serve our meals.


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