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The Second Chapter - Slackline Productions EPISODE 1, 2nd February 2021
From Silicon Valley to Coaching and Community, Tracie Root

From Silicon Valley to Coaching and Community, Tracie Root

This week on The Second Chapter podcast, Kristin talks with Tracie Root, who left corporate life in Silicon Valley and found her new calling after a personal family tragedy in her early 40s. A weight loss transformation led her to think more seriously about empowering others while making more time for her family and her own fulfillment, adventure, and joy.

Now Tracie is a coach, community builder and speaker and helps women around the US move from Stuck to Shining Bright, so they can Be Bolder and Brighter, live in their authentic truth, and THRIVE.

For more about Tracie, you can find her at www.TracieRoot.com and https://www.gatherinsantacruz.com (she offers free gifts on both sites- woo hoo!) She also loves to connect on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tracie.tree.root

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