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Pod Swap with Family Twist
Episode 9825th June 2024 • Forty Drinks: The Podcast About Turning 40 • Stephanie McLaughlin
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Corey Stulce from the Family Twist podcast hosts a special "pod swap" episode of the Forty Drinks podcast with guest Jordan Elizabeth Braxton. In this engaging conversation, Jordan shares the intimate and powerful story of her transition journey. From her early realizations and the challenges faced within a religious family to the life-changing moment of discovering she was intersex, Jordan opens up about her struggles and triumphs. She discusses the pivotal decision to transition, the impact on her personal and professional life, and the overwhelming support she received from her family. Through laughter and tears, Corey and Jordan highlight the importance of authenticity, resilience, and the unconditional love that makes such journeys possible.

Guest Bio 

Jordan Elizabeth Braxton is a drag performer, advocate for HIV prevention and sexual health, Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Pride St. Louis, LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee Chairwoman for the City of St. Louis, activist, volunteer, transgender advocate and pageant queen.

Pod Swap with Family Twist


Jordan shares her journey of transitioning and coming out as transgender. She discusses how she always knew she was a girl and the challenges she faced growing up in a religious African-American family. Jordan talks about her medical discovery of being intersex and going through hormone replacement therapy. She also shares her experience of coming out to her family, who were accepting and supportive. Jordan highlights the importance of sharing her story to educate others about the transgender experience and dispel misconceptions. Corey Stulce and Jordan discuss her career as a drag queen, her activism in the LGBTQ+ community, and her experiences with gender affirmation surgery. Corey talks about her early days as a drag queen, where she entertained audiences with her quick wit and ability to read people. She also discusses her involvement in activism, particularly during the HIV epidemic, and her advocacy for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Jordan shares her experiences competing in trans pageants and her excitement for the Miss America film division. She also reflects on her gender affirmation surgery and the happiness it has brought her. The conversation concludes with a discussion about their time working together on a production of Steel Magnolias and the joy they found in the theater community.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Transitioning is a personal journey that involves coming out socially, medically, and professionally.
  • Acceptance and support from family and friends can make a significant difference in a transgender person's experience.
  • Misconceptions and misinformation about transgender individuals and gender-affirming care are prevalent and harmful.
  • Drag queens have played a significant role in the LGBTQ+ community, providing support and paving the way for LGBTQ+ rights.
  • Sharing personal stories and experiences can help educate others and promote understanding and acceptance. Jordan's career as a drag queen was built on her quick wit and ability to entertain audiences with her reading skills.
  • She has been an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, particularly during the HIV epidemic, and has been involved in activism to raise awareness and fight for the rights of the community.
  • Jordan is excited to compete in trans pageants and the Miss America film division, as it allows her to showcase her activism and positive representation of trans women.
  • Her gender affirmation surgery has brought her immense happiness, and she encourages others to never take no for an answer and to pursue their dreams.
  • Working together on a production of Steel Magnolias was a memorable and joyful experience for Corey and Jordan, highlighting the importance of community and the theater arts.

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