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Gift Biz Unwrapped - Sue Monhait EPISODE 332, 21st August 2021
332 – Expanding on “The Secret” with Law of Attraction Expert Bob Doyle
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332 – Expanding on “The Secret” with Law of Attraction Expert Bob Doyle

law of attraction expert Bob Doyle Bob Doyle is best known for his contribution to the global phenomenon film and book “The Secret,” as a law of attraction expert. Boundless Living, Inc. has been in the business of helping people create lives they love using Law of Attraction principles and the science of Neuro Plasticity since 2002. Through online programs, speaking, training, and coaching programs for groups and individuals, Bob Doyle helps people get clarity on their vision and then shows them exactly what to do to make that vision a reality. He has been teaching these principles through programs, live events, podcasts, live streams, coaching, writing, and even virtual reality, since 1998. He is driven by his passion for creative self-expression and his work is heavily focused on helping people decide who they want to be and how they want to express themselves. Bob believes that all of this should be the MOST fun and creative endeavor we can ever undertake if we will only allow it to be so.  


  • It's never too late to become the person you might have been. You can get there.
  • There's nothing noble about playing small. We've got this limited amount of time here on the planet. We've got the brain waiting to be rewired.
  • Focus and get clarity in areas that you may not be looking at. It's about transformation from the inside out.

Secrets From A Law Of Attraction Expert

  • Make the law of attraction work with less effort by not being too attached to things you manifest.
  • Get your mind in the right place and take action every single day. Step up and be that person who is going to attract those things, and not the person wishing they could have it.
  • Be conscious of how you are wired, so you can make different choices.
  • We have the ability to create our lives by design.
  • Be intentional. Celebrate the discomfort because that’s essential for growth.
  • Know why you want to move on from where you are. Understand what you absolutely have to get rid of like your limiting beliefs.
  • Your brain can change.  You can learn new things just by taking on any new task.
  • Be firm in where your expertise lies. You don't have to be awesome at everything, but own what you're great at.
  • As long as you own who you're being in every moment and don't apologize for who you're being in that moment, people will be attracted to you. They’ll be attracted to your authenticity.
  • We can choose who we want to be and become it.
  • Listen to the whole episode for the full, down-to-earth explanation of how it all works!

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