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#61 Undivided Living & Transforming Mistakes | Jeff Schiefelbein
Episode 617th June 2022 • Rise Leaders Radio • LeeAnn Mallory
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“I bet half of our anxiety is the energy of trying to remember which hat to put on in my relationship with [others]…And people end up becoming a less real version of themselves. …Why can't we be fully present to this process, and not have to put anything on the side - not try to take away the personal parts of who we are?”

Showing up fully human

What if I told you it’s possible to bring your full self to the workplace? Jeff Shiefelbein thinks it's not possible, but necessary for forming humans and building great cultures.

Jeff and I discuss how draining it is to change our personalities depending on where we are and who we're with. The expectations to leave your heart and your personality at the door when you come to work are changing. Jeff also explains the magnetism of authenticity and how facing difficult topics can help form connections and trust.

He speaks with experience: The company he co-founded has won multiple Best Places to Work awards, as well as five consecutive appearances on the Inc 5,000 fastest growing companies in America. His tenets behind the “Undivided Life” have contributed to this success.

You'll also hear how a run-in with the law in college inspired him to launch a nationwide nonprofit that has likely saved hundreds of lives.

At its core, successful businesses are comprised of engaged people working in concert.

Authenticity opens doors

“As you step into these bold moments of living, the way we’re actually designed to be, show up…what comes after [is] the freedom, mentorship, accountability, cool opportunities that you could have never predicted in your life. It’s because people feel like they know you, they might start to connect to you because you’re speaking and leaving a message that they have buried in their heart.”

Create connections at a micro-level for macro-change

“You start to develop this trusting relationship…And if you can keep building, your circle gets bigger and bigger, the ripples get further and further apart. You’re this pocket of people that you have a trusting and loving relationship with, and you're connecting…even if our big giant company or whatever organization has cultures within it that are toxic, let's just make the part that's right around us a place we like to come to. And that begets confidence; it begets this sense of ‘this is possible.’”

Caring about people leads to organization success

“You don't run the business by metrics, you run your run it by getting highly engaged, fully formed adults, loving, trusting, and empowering them, and getting out of their way…therefore, I think the whole health of that person becomes an input to the company's long-term health and success.”

“An undivided life also respects the fact that we weren't made to be 24/7 working machines that are 24/7 available. There's a dignity and respect to that person - that if I recognize the personal side of who they are, I also respect their personal time.”


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