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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 28th April 2019
86: Digital Design Architect – Electrical Engineering – Do what you commit to – Nathanael Huffman
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86: Digital Design Architect – Electrical Engineering – Do what you commit to – Nathanael Huffman

Nathanael Huffman earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and is a Digital Design Architect at a large medical device manufacturer.

[1:45] Why electrical engineering – had always been interested in computers, has done some programming in high school, and he enjoyed electrical physics.

[2:35] One thing we may not know is that you may end up doing a lot of paperwork and testing. Many times a lot of trial and error is needed to get the designs working properly.

[4:35] Describes what an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) is and then goes into what resources you could utilize to go investigate. StackOverflow FPGA

[7:00] One thing that He does not like about Electrical Engineering – there is a lot of delayed gratification when designing electronics whereas software design is a little more instant.

[8:30] What has Nathanael really fired up today? – In the tech space, he really loves FPGAs.

[10:20] If picking one programming language to go off and learn, what would it be? Python Nathanael uses it daily.
Python stack overlow link StackOverflow

[11:20] An ah-ah moment – found out in freshman year it was a lot of math, was trying to figure out how it all applies to the real world, he started to second guess if Electrical Engineering was the right choice, but after his first internship he realized that it is not all math. Had he not gotten the internship and realized what real engineering was about he may not have actually finished up in engineering.

[13:50] Getting through college: go to all your classes and get your homework done earl. Find study groups.

[16:35] Attribute needed to be successful going from college into a professional career – problem solving with scientific method. You need to have a positive “can do” attitude and be a team player.

[18:00] Best advice is “Do what you commit to” will make you exceed expectations. Basically do what you say you are going to. He also reads a lot and a book he recommends is Great at Work by Morten Hansen.

[20:40] Parting advice: Look really hard for internship opportunities as early as you can.

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