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Podcast Gumbo - Paul Kondo EPISODE 2, 13th January 2020
January 13th - National Rubber Ducky Day with Charles Gustine
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January 13th - National Rubber Ducky Day with Charles Gustine

Last week we had National Fruitcake Toss Day. This week, we have something a little more fun. Or maybe not.

Today’s National Day is Rubber Ducky Day and perhaps you're feeling a little song coming on.

Thanks(?) to my friend Charles Gustine, host of the Iconography podcast, for challenging me to find a podcast episode related to this day. 

From Charles about his recommendation: “My recommendation is the Lonely Palette episode "Meditations on Mark Rothko." It's one thing to have a podcast that knows exactly what it is, from open to close, and to love that entire package. It's another to get comfortable enough with that format to start breaking it, and this is where I think Tamar Avishai, the host of The Lonely Palette, 24 episodes into her show, got comfortable enough to start breaking it, which lead to an absolutely killer string of episodes that exploded what a Lonely Palette episode could be in every way. But I don't know if any one of those trumps this episode on what we look for when we look at a Rothko."

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