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236: TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE (1959) with MAYA MURPHY “Nightwing: Escalation” & JOHN PAUL LUCAS “Beyond the Box Set” [Pod-a-Thon: DAY 10]
20th October 2018 • ScreamQueenz: Where Horror Gets GAY! • Patrick K. Walsh
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When invaders from space invade a small town to turn the earth into a breeding farm for giant man-earting gargons, things aren't as terryfying as they planned. This invasion seems a bit...swishy. You're not wrong. I'm joined this time around by actor-singer-supervillan MAYA MURPHY and BEYOND THE BOX SET's co-host JOHN PAUL LUCAS . Get ready for tons of camp humor followed by a peek into the bizarre tale of director TOM GRAEFF , the mysterious disappearance of actor DAVID LOVE, and the consequences of being out in Hollywood in the 1950's. Plus, you'll never look at a lobster the same way again. And I apologize in advance to lesbians everywhere



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