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[51] Running a Membership for MSPs
Episode 5113th October 2019 • TubbTalk - The Podcast for IT Consultants • Richard Tubb
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Richard Tubb, a leader and keynote speaker in the MSP community, brings interviews and updates on products, services and success stories in the Managed Service Provider world.

In this episode, Richard interviews Nigel Moore, founder of The Tech Tribe. Nigel always seems to have a fresh perspective and a knack for making teachings sound like something completely new so he’s made a huge impact on the wider MSP community in recent years.

His knowledge and his confidence, however, have been hard won. Around 12-13 years ago he found himself the proud owner of a ‘half-baked’ (his words!) MSP. It was a real baptism by fire and Nigel had to very quickly find his feet in the business world if he wanted his MSP to grow. And like so many of us, he says he made a ‘bajillion’ mistakes along the way.

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