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#88. A Woman's Place is in the ...
Episode 887th November 2023 • Our Urban Voices • Dr. Alfonse Javed
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Pastor Peter Pendell re-thinks women and their calling and role in complementarian Christian ministry.


  • Has the evangelical Christian community reflected Jesus' attitude about women?
  • Complementarian vs Egalitarian (definitions, limitations, strengths, and weaknesses)
  • Women in Ministry (ordination, leadership, teaching, authority and headship)


Pastor Peter Pendell has served in pastoral ministry for almost 50 years. His passion is to help people connect with God and with each other. He has given much prayer, thought, and discussion about the call and role of women in complementarian Christian ministry.


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02:49 - Has the Evangelical Christian community reflected how Jesus gave women a voice?

03:04 - Women lead in missions out of necessity

03:08 - vs churches in the US

03:23 - Why churches are slower about women in ministry leadership?

03:27 - Resistance to women in ministry leadership

04:04 - Egalitarian defined

04:12 - Complementarian defined

04:46 - Understanding "in value and dignity"

05:02 - Men given leadership

05:08 - Women are those who help

05:17 - What is the definition of "helper"?

05:26 - Thoughts on complementarian theology and male leadership

05:48 - God-given role for male leadership applied poorly

06:01 - No consistent line for women in ministry

06:36 - Belief that godly women should be permitted to do anything under the authority of the elders

07:30 - Confusion and tension come from differing definitions of terms

08:29 - Ordination and pastoring

10:07 - Leadership

11:18 - Teaching

11:46 - Authority & Headship

12:15 - Are titles just semantics?

13:05 - Recent changes in defining roles for women in ministry

14:16 - C&MA had a process of ordination and consecration

14:38 - C&MA new position

14:58 - SBC decision leads to two losses

15:33 - Consecrated vs Ordained

16:39 - Women in the mission field

17:30 - I don't have a man so I'm going to let a woman do it...

17:50 - Marge Shelley

18:52 - Equipping women to lead while adhering to biblical leadership

19:28 - Starting talking together, listening well, as flexible as possible

20:23 - Draw boundaries

20:32 - Formulate training for men and women

21:00 - Practical things that church can do

22:17 - Open the door as widely as possible

22:32 - Peter Pendell's contact information -

23:15 - Humor: Simple solutions


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