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56: Interview with Robert Safren, Director of The Jewish Entrepreneur
28th June 2018 • The Frum Entrepreneur • Nachum Kligman
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Robert is the Program Director of The Jewish Entrepreneur, a non-profit organization whose mission it is to help Jewish owned businesses grow their revenue. The main way they do this is by pairing up mentors with businesses and entrepreneurs from around the world that can use the help. In this episode we dive in to the amazing ways this organization and the dozens of mentors are helping hundreds of businesses be more successful. We hear case studies and testimonials and we get into a discussion as to why entrepreneurship is growing in the Orthodox Jewish Community.

NAME: Robert Safren

COMPANY: The Jewish Entrepreneur

LINKEDIN: Robert on LinkedIn

About Robert:

Robert functions as the TJE Program Director.

He is an electrical engineer with over 30 years of experience in engineering and operations management having run small business operations within large organizations.

Robert has been a mentor both in his business roles, as well as over the last year for TJE.

He holds a BSEE from Polytechnic Institute of NY and an MBA from the University of Connecticut.


The Jewish Entrepreneur (TJE) provides a full service, pro-bono mentoring program for Jewish Entrepreneurs of all affiliations. Our mentors are recruited from across the business spectrum and are available to help both aspiring, as well as existing, entrepreneurs grow their businesses.




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