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051 – Make YOUR Product Idea a Reality with Maya Liberman
Episode 5128th March 2016 • Gift Biz Unwrapped • Sue Monhait
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Maya Liberman, inventor of Shape+Store freezer containers, is on a mission to make homemade meals more convenient than fast food!

Starting from a love of baking, she first invented a container that would portion and freeze homemade cookie dough. From there the product line grew as she realized that her freezer containers can make everyday meal preparation quick and easy.

Maya lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, 2 girls, and pet bunny.

Motivational Quote


Business Inspiration

How Maya got the idea for Shape+Store [5:31]

Candle Flickering Moments

What she did when the numbers wouldn’t work out with her manufacturer [11:50]

The story behind the challenges with the first sales [20:52]

Product Development Insights

Identifying manufacturers [7:21]

The financial aspect of creating Shape+Store products [13:01]

All about Kickstarter Campaigns [14:16]

Inventory Decisions [17:27]

Maya’s take on independent versus chain store sales [23:54]

Sales and Marketing

The key to selling on Facebook [29:42]

A surprise Facebook learning [30:48]

The invaluable in-store video program [32:21]

Success Trait

Her motivation to always push the envelope and ask … “Why not?” [35:17]

Productivity/Lifestyle Tool

Facebook – A social networking website that makes it easy for you to connect and share with your family, friends, and customers online.

Valuable BookFree Audio Book

The Confidence Game: Why We Fall for It . . . Every Time by Maria Konnikova

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