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Elisa Unfiltered : Living Life Out Loud - Elisa Kurylowicz 25th September 2019
A Willingness to Change
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A Willingness to Change

It takes a certain willingness to change. We are who we are because of patterns and learned behaviours (positive and negative) so what are you willing to trade off to get the results you want?

Today’s podcast is an extension of my latest IG post about our individual willingness to change. I use my weight loss as my primary example. As I lived my life, I learned how to be fat. I learned how to find comfort with food from the shame, failures and feelings of abandonment I carried.  It was such an unconscious and natural progression to fill the void with food that I didn’t even realize that I had developed this habit, nor did I realize that it was the beginning of a very unhealthy relationship between my self (my confidence, self respect, self love) and FOOD.  No CLUE!!!  So changing my behaviour during the urges to comfort myself, was a battle.  I felt HUGE resistant to change because I identified with my past traumas. The shame and failure gave me my sense of self, so letting that go left me in the dark. This was a terrifying concept.

This podcast is a deep dive into the how and why I find change so stressful, and often times seemingly impossible for the long term.

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