Achievement Syndrome
Episode 7214th January 2020 • Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader • Kelly Baader
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#72: Today, I am interviewing Gareth Morgan - How to unlock our full potential by cultivating that inner conversation with ourselves! We chatted about what "Achievement Syndrome" is and how he has proven with his clients that you are not defined by your failures.


Key Lessons From This Episode: 

  • How our potential cannot be realized in an environment of fear
  • Three reasons why we have lost touch with ourselves and God that are holding us back from unlocking our potential in the business realm
  • What "achievement syndrome" is and how can we overcome it
  • Why it's not always about the results, but rather the journey



About Gareth: 

Gareth Morgan is an Elite Performance & Productivity coach building beliefs and behaviours that have a performance impact. He believes that investment in people will reveal the true value and performance of a team/company.

Gareth has over 18 years experience in the tertiary sector, developing successful social enterprise businesses and founding ‘Everyday Champions,’ which is a strong multi-site church across the UK. Alongside his wife Leanne, they have developed an overarching structure that seeks to identify, develop and release leaders, enabling them to bring transformational change in the communities where they live and work. He is currently working in professional football, business and the tertiary sector to develop high performing cultures that unlock the potential of its greatest asset...people! 

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