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Episode 121st March 2018 • Ask the Estate Agent • David Thomas
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An introduction to Ask the Estate Agent and what we have planned!

Hello everyone and welcome to the very first episode of Ask the Estate Agent Podcast.

I’m extremely excited to begin this journey with you today and after months and months of planning, I just wanted to take this opportunity in episode 1 to give you some of the background and a bit of an overview of what we will be covering over the coming months.

Firstly I’m your host David Thomas and I’m the founding Director of Liberty Gate Estate Agency. As well as myself hosting my colleagues will also be getting involved from time to time, covering various specialities and subjects so we will be mixing things up over the coming episodes for you.

So as somebody who has a passion for property and I’ve been directly involved in the property industry for over a decade, I’ve enjoyed learning everything from investing, letting, managing, selling and ultimately running Estate Agencies to help others. But I’ve long felt that much of the information you the listener need to make the best decisions is very fragmented, confusing at times and not readily available when you really need it.

So through this podcast and our Alexa skill ( which we will tell you more about in future episodes) I want to lift the lid and de-mistify the property market and give you all the information you need to make the best decisions when negotiating your next move.

We’ll be providing weekly content to give you the knowledge and inspiration to take the next steps on your property journey and this will include market updates, top tips on buying, selling, renting and investing in property from expert estate agents and through interviews with market specialists covering every sector and specialism you may come across.

As a listener we want your questions to answer. Whatever your worries, concerns or needs are, contact us via our social media channels or our website below and we’ll answer your questions in our future episodes.





We hope you find this resource useful and that it helps to educate, as well as dispel any myths or uncertainty around getting on the property ladder or making that next move.

So don’t forget to contact us with any subjects you would like us to cover or questions you would like answering in the coming episodes and until next time I would like to thank you for listening and bye for now.

Your host David Thomas

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